March 20, 2018
Farrah Abraham Calls Her Mother Evil After She Claimed 'Teen Mom OG' Star Had Mental Illness

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is speaking out about her mother, Debra Danielsen, after she made comments about Farrah possibly having a mental illness during a recent interview.

According to a March 20 report by People Magazine, Farrah Abraham's mother recently spoke out about her daughter's personality and behavior, saying that she believed Farrah suffered from narcissism and borderline personality disorder. Debra Danielsen went on to say that she believes the issues are highly "treatable" and that "deep down," Abraham is a "kind" and "loving" person.

Of course, Farrah Abraham had a lot to say about her mother's comments on her mental health. The Teen Mom OG star released a statement revealing that Debra Danielsen's words were hurtful. Farrah claims that she was sad to find out that her own mother would say things that were "untrue about her own child." Abraham went on to reveal that she thinks Debra's words were "evil and alarming," adding that she's always had her mother's best interest in mind.

Farrah Abraham also revealed that she's been in therapy since she was 14-years-old due to her rocky relationship with Debra Danielsen. The Teen Mom OG star claimed that their family therapist sided with her and revealed that her mother has "never been supportive" when it comes to helping and guiding her own kids.

As many Teen Mom OG fans already know, Farrah Abraham's relationship with her mother, Debra Danielsen, has seemingly always been rocky. The pair has often been filmed for the MTV reality series fighting. Back in 2010, Danielsen was even arrested for reportedly assaulting Abraham during an altercation at Debra's home in Nebraska, according to Starcasm. During Farrah's episode of 16 and Pregnant, the mother and daughter were seen having an argument in the car while Debra was driving. Farrah was yelling at her mother when Debra reached over and slapped her in the face, which Dr. Drew Pinsky later called the slap heard around the world.

Farrah Abraham fans will no longer be able to see the relationship between her and her mother play out on television as Abraham has been fired from Teen Mom OG and is no longer appearing on the series.