March 20, 2018
Jana Duggar Spotted Wearing Pants, Possibly Inspired By Sisters Jill Duggar And Jinger Duggar

Jana Duggar is the latest in the Duggar mega-clan to be spotted wearing pants, and she may have been inspired by her "rebel" sisters, Jill Duggar Dillard and Jinger Duggar Vuolo. Both young women have been spotted wearing jeans and shorts since they married their husbands, and now Jana has followed suit. A GIF of the eldest Duggar daughter wearing pants (or more aptly, long shorts) can be seen here.

In the latest episode of Counting On, in which the family attends Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell Duggar's joint bachelor and bachelorette party, Jana Duggar is seen wearing board shorts for some of the water festivities. Jana is also seen with her sleeves rolled up showing her upper arms, something that the Duggar daughters weren't allowed to do growing up.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have always been very clear about modesty rules, stating that women are not allowed to wear anything but long skirts and must keep the tops of their arms covered. In fact, Jessa Duggar Seewald has given talks on dressing modestly, though more conservative Christians felt Jessa's skirts were too tight to be modest. The same group also expressed that modest women should keep their heads covered at all times, which the Duggar family doesn't do.

Fans were shocked but excited to see Jana Duggar wearing board shorts, as it indicated that she has a little more freedom than many think. Jana is often referred to as "Cinderella Duggar" because she is still single and living at home at age 28. Because she still lives at home, most believe that Jana is responsible for many of the housekeeping and childrearing duties that should fall to her mother, Michelle. It has been stated that the Duggar women must follow Jim Bob's rules until they marry, but since Jana hasn't yet found that special someone, she still must follow Jim Bob's orders.Jana Duggar has expressed that being the only single Duggar female over the age of 18 can be lonely at times, but she now has her friend Laura, who lives with the Duggar family full-time to help with schooling and other duties.

Fans are likely eagerly awaiting Jana being caught with shorts or pants again, hoping that she can have a little leeway with the rules, even if she's not married.