March 20, 2018
Ivanka Trump Criticized For 'Cosplaying' As A Scientist, Photo Shared By Trump Family Becomes A Joke Meme

Ivanka Trump is being criticized for a photo-op that shows her in a lab coat and goggles conducting a science experiment, with observers criticizing the First Daughter for "cosplaying" a scientist, Huffington Post is reporting.

For those not familiar, "cosplay" is a portmanteau (that is, a combination of two words) of the words "costume" and "play." It refers to the trend of people dressing up in costume in order to live out their fantasies -- or, to hang out for photos at Comic-Con.

For Ivanka, the word is now being used to describe her fashion choice for a photo opportunity in Iowa on Monday.

In the town of Waukee to promote her father's infrastructure plan, described by Business Insider as unlikely to come to fruition, Ivanka stopped by Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience's (APEX) Innovation & Learning Center. In case you're wondering what the connection is: the center is part of a federal job-training program, and its funding -- and that of similar programs across the country -- is included in Trump's plan.

While there, Ivanka observed some of the science experiments the students were conducting: writing code, programming a wind tunnel, examining a zebrafish embryo.

"This is so amazing. This is such a cool place to come."
She then donned a lab coat and a pair of goggles for her own experiment: testing a sample of e-cigarette juice, or "vape juice," to determine its nicotine content.Unfortunately for Ivanka, the internet can be less than kind sometimes. And for a "presidential adviser" and fashion mogul to assume the clothing of a scientist was, for some observers anyway, too much to let go.

Twitter account "never claimed I was funny," for example, took a dig at Ivanka's compassion.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account @RogueNASA, which, according to the Independent, was set up by a NASA employee frustrated with the Trump administration, poked fun at Donald Trump's so-called "space force" talk.And of course, no discussion of the Trump family can go by without Russia coming up in the conversation. And Twitter user @IndivisibleBHM was quick to make a Russia connection.This has not been a good week for Ivanka when it comes to images: as previously reported by the Inquisitr, a dog that looks like Ivanka Trump blew up Twitter this week.