Kendra And Joe Duggar Reveal How Many Children They Want To Have On 'Counting On'

Fiona Miller

Kendra and Joe Duggar recently tied the knot at the beginning of autumn, and they haven't wasted time in getting around to being parents. Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell Duggar both come from large families, though Joe's family dwarfs Kendra's with her seven younger siblings. According to the Duggar Family Blog, the pair revealed on the most recent episode of Counting On while playing the Marshmallow Game that they, too, want as many children as God wills.

The Marshmallow Game was played at their joint bachelor and bachelorette party, and both were asked questions about one another. If they got the question wrong, they had to stuff a marshmallow in their mouth. Jana Duggar, Joe's older sister, acted as quizmaster for the game, and she asked them a series of questions about one another, including asking how many children they would like to have. They had clearly talked about the answer previously, as they both stated they wanted as many as the Lord wills. This answer is common for families who follow the Quiverfull faith, as they also believe that it is sinful to use birth control and that couples should abstain from using it. As a result, they will have as many children as "God wills."

Unsurprisingly, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar followed this set of rules as well.

The Duggar grandparents already have 10 grandchildren and are awaiting their 11th and 12th, with Joe and Kendra's child most likely to be set as the 11th. Joe's older sister, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, is also expecting, but as her announcement came shortly after Kendra's, fans believe that she will be delivering after Kendra, likely sometime in July.

Joe's younger brother, Josiah Duggar, recently popped the question to his girlfriend, Lauren Swanson. Fans believe the pair will tie the knot at some point this year and will likely announce a baby shortly after the fact.