March 20, 2018
Happy Birthday Barron Trump! First Son Turns 12 Today, Here Are Some Highlights From His First Year In The WH

Happy birthday Barron Trump! The first First Son to occupy the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. (other presidents' sons since Kennedy have all been adult men when their fathers took office) turns 12 today. Here, now, is a look back at the young man's first year in the White House.

Staying Out Of The Public Eye

In keeping with tradition, the press has generally left Barron Trump alone, but for a few stories that aren't critical or prying. The policy of taking a hands-off approach to the minor children of sitting presidents goes back at least as far as Chelsea Clinton. Not unlike Barron, Chelsea was in the throes of adolescence when her father took office, and the young lass' awkward appearance was the subject of discussion in some of the more unsavory corners of the media - that is, until her parents made it clear that she was off-limits. Since Chelsea, the press has generally left the children of sitting presidents (such as Sasha and Malia Obama) alone. Barron Trump is no exception.

Trend Setter?

Back in June 2017, the then-11-year-old grabbed headlines after stepping off of Air Force One sporting a J-Crew T-shirt with the words "The Expert" emblazoned on it.

today is first son barron trumps birthday

Breathless headlines, from publications ranging from The Daily Mail to Sarah Palin's website ("Barron Trump Gets J. Crew Shirt Sold Out WITHIN HOURS") suggested that Barron's fashion choice was a boon to the retailer that sent the product flying off the shelves (along with his Fidget Spinner, which had been a popular toy for months before Barron was ever spotted with one).

In fact, as Business Insider reports, the shirt didn't sell out: it had been discontinued long before Barron wore it.

School Daze

In another major move for the president's youngest son, Barron changed schools. Specifically, he gave up Manhattan's Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School for St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, a tiny private school about 30 minutes away from the White House.

Oddly enough, Barron's school became a subject of controversy following the deadly Parkland, Florida, school shooting. As reported by The Inquisitr, the school published an open letter to the president, urging him to reconsider his plan to allow teachers to carry guns. Barron, of course, had nothing to do with the letter.

Looking Forward

Now 12, Barron has a lot to look forward to in the upcoming years of his life. Transitioning from a child to a teenager can be awkward and painful, but it can also be exciting. There will be first crushes (if it hasn't happened already), first zits, more freedom and more independence from his parents, and all of the usual milestones of growing up.

And while, like Chelsea, Malia, and Sasha before him, he'll do so without the intense scrutiny of the press, he'll still be at least somewhat in the public eye as he continues his journey to adulthood.