March 20, 2018
'Counting On' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Told Sister Jill She Was Pregnant Via Text, Derick Dillard Drama To Blame?

Joy-Anna Duggar excitedly told her family about her pregnancy with husband Austin Forsyth on the latest episode of Counting On. Sadly, Jill Duggar didn't get in on the baby fun. Jill and Jana Duggar were the only ones who learned about the pregnancy via text, leaving fans worrying about what's going on with Jill.

According to In Touch Weekly, Jill still lives close to the family in Arkansas. Jill and her controversial hubby, Derick Dillard, have allegedly downsized, but they're still close enough that Joy-Anna could have broken the news in person.

At the very least, Jill and Austin could have video chatted with the excited parents-to-be instead of getting the news over a text message.

Either way, the move led many fans to speculate that Jill is feuding with the rest of her family over her husband's recent missteps. Last year, Dillard came under fire for his transphobic comments on social media that were directed towards TLC star Jazz Jennings.

He was reportedly fired from Counting On over the remarks, and some fans believe that the family will take drastic measures to get the situation under control.

"I predict that someone at Cross Church is going to have a 'counseling session' with Derick and then his account will abruptly disappear. For as much as they probably agree with what he's saying, at some point, they don't want to be responsible for negative attention that this will invariably draw," one fan pointed out.

Whatever is happening behind the scenes with Jill and Dillard, this week's episode did answer one question about the Duggars: they are allowed to have smartphones. That doesn't mean the family is about to relax on other rules, like watching TV or rocking bathing suits, anytime soon. But it is an encouraging step in the right direction.

At least the rest of the family got a proper baby announcement from Joy-Anna and her husband. The pair broke the news at Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar's home on the latest episode of Counting On.

The couple filled several balloons with confetti and had their younger siblings pop them to see what was inside. One of the balloons, which was popped by Joy-Anna's younger sister, Jennifer, held a secret message that they were expecting their first baby.

Joy-Anna and Forsyth exchanged vows last spring at their family's home church in Rogers, Arkansas. The pair confirmed their pregnancy last summer while Joy-Anna gave birth late last month. Joy-Anna had a healthy son, whom they named Gideon Martyn Forsyth. The couple broke the news on social media with a sweet pic of the little one. It isn't known if Jill was around for the birth in person.

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The Season 7 finale of Counting On is scheduled to premiere on March 26.