Portland Woman Trapped Between Two Walls: Rescue Ongoing

Portland, OR – Firefighters and rescues crews are working frantically to free an Oregon woman trapped between two buildings walls. Just before 4 am the unidentified woman reportedly fell into a narrow space between two buildings on the 1200 block of Southwest Columbia Boulevard in Portland, according to Oregon Live.

The Portland woman is reportedly trapped near the base of a 10-foot tall wall. She is trapped in a space that is about one foot and a half wide. At least 20 members of Portland Fire Bureau’s urban search and rescue team are on the scene wielding industrial saws and jackhammers to cut through the concrete wall and extricate the trapped woman.

The Oregon rescuers are reportedly focusing on a section of the wall in the Kafoury Commons garage. The trapped woman is believed to be dangling about 4-feet from the ground and is out of the sight of rescuers. The woman trapped between two walls is believed to be alert and conscious.

Firefighters were able to talk to the woman, but the extent of her injuries is unkmown, KATU News reports. The trapped woman was reportedly walking on the roof of a two-story building when she fell. The building on the other side of the wall is 8-stories high.

Portland firefighters lowered a blanket to the trapped woman to help keep her warm as they pumped hot air into the space between the two walls.

The urban search and rescue team has reportedly drilled four hour through the concrete to make a square around the woman’s body before cutting a large chunk of the concrete wall away.