March 20, 2018
'Gold Rush' Star Todd Hoffman Is Leaving Gold Mining For 'Meat' Reality Show

It appears that Todd Hoffman is truly showing the world he is a Renaissance man. Soon, Todd will be jumping from the gold mine right into manning the grill, as the former Gold Rush star is now set to star in another reality show called Meat.

According to the Zum Media website, in Meat, Todd will be filmed expanding his culinary skills in his own "state-of-the-art kitchen," as he learns how to cook different types of meat, in this new reality series.

The show description states that Todd Hoffman is going to "attempt to cook" spectacular "signature dishes" from other YouTube "celebrity chefs."

Who are these chefs? Although no names have yet been dropped, YouTube fans know that there are a lot of talented chefs and home cooks with amazing and popular YouTube channels. They are seen grilling, smoking, and stuffing some delectably delicious dishes.

What will Todd be testing his cooking skills on? Sounds like every type of meat imaginable.

The site reveals that everything from steak to crab will be made. The show description promises that the true star of the show is protein, and the former Gold Rush star will be taught how to beautifully transform the protein into a mouthwatering meal.

There promises to be so much protein that there is even a "Vegan Discretion Advised" warning for the show!

And if Todd's own creation turns out to be a disaster, he will eat the celebrity chef's creation. This also begs the question whether Todd Hoffman can cook in the first place. Gold Rush fans have only seen Jack Hoffman cooking up the gold, in order to clean it.

Although the weekly gold weigh-ins were around the campfire, there was never an indication that Todd was the chef as well as the crew boss for the Hoffman team. In eight seasons of Gold Rush, Todd has not been shown cooking up even a hot dog.

On February 16, Gold Rush fans were shocked to learn the Todd Hoffman, his father Jack, and son Hunter were all leaving the popular Discovery Channel show. Their story of regular guys going for the American dream piqued the interest of millions of devoted viewers.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Todd, who is currently the reality producer for Zum Media, has not been sitting around since the announcement. Todd has already been busy working on his singing career, singing the title song for the I Can Only Imagine movie.

He has also been promoting his new gold mining show concept, Greenhorn Gold.

As of now, it appears that neither Greenhorn Gold nor Meat have been picked up by any major network as of yet. It is very probable that during this time of the year, the producers at Zum Media are busy shopping their new shows to get a network deal.