SUV Nearly Swallowed In Terrifying Long Island Water Main Break

On Long Island, an SUV was nearly swallowed during a scary incident after a water main break — but despite a dramatic, middle-of-the-night sudden vehicle inversion, the lucky driver escaped unharmed.

Pictures of the SUV, nearly swallowed by the Smithtown road after the late-night water main incident, depict a very harrowing scene — perhaps more so considering the incongruity of the location contrasted with the sudden route change into the Earth.

The accident happened at about 3:30 am in Smithtown, and the exact lead-up to the SUV being nearly swallowed by the water main break was not described by police.

ABC explains that an unusually bad water main incident was involved, and that cold weather likely precipitated the sudden road danger:

“A photo captured by Stringer News and posted on Twitter shows the SUV nearly vertical yet the man was able to escape on his own unharmed, a spokeswoman for the Suffolk County Police Department told … The break was particularly powerful because it was horizontal, meaning the pipe split along its length, said Timothy Motz, director of communications for the Suffolk County Water Authority.”

Motz said the water main break that had caused the SUV to be nearly swallowed didn’t just affect the road on which the lucky, unnamed man was driving.

Nearly 30 homes lost water access during the incident, but the SCWA says that service to the homes had been restored by noon on Tuesday after the frightening incident.

No word on whether the SUV nearly swallowed in the water main break was totaled during the incident or specifically how the man escaped unscathed.