WWE ‘Raw’ Results: Matt Hardy Vs. Bray Wyatt’s Ultimate Deletion Match Provides Wild Main Event Finish

As the latest episode of WWE Raw closed on Monday night, fans watched the culmination of the ongoing battle between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. The main event match had a unique setting in that it featured Wyatt heading to Hardy’s compound in North Carolina at nighttime. The two would fight in the woods, inside a barn, and ultimately at several of the famous sites from the previous match and stories that fans saw during Matt’s TNA run with the “Broken” character. It was a departure from what fans are used to seeing on Raw each week, with fans taking to Twitter after the match was finished to discuss their reactions.

As reported by Wade Keller of PW Torch, the final segment of Monday’s Raw would feature an early appearance by a drone aka “Vanguard 1” as it greeted the Hardy’s guest, Wyatt, to scan him in for entrance through a gate. In addition, Matt’s wife Reby was on hand to play a remixed version of Bray’s theme song as he entered the complex and arrived to a ring set up out in the middle of the woods. A referee was also present to officiate the “Ultimate Deletion” match. The two foes would begin their battle inside the squared circle, before eventually heading to the outside of the ring and into the woods.

The opponents would fight through the woods some, ending up near a shed in the woods with Matt asking Bray if it reminded him of anything. That, of course, gave Bray flashbacks of his shed which was Sister Abigail’s resting place. Bray attacked Hardy against the shed but then had more flashbacks of a burning shed, causing him to lose track of Matt. However, Wyatt walked into the woods and would reach a graveyard which was called “The Land of Obsolete Men.” Matt was shown heading behind several grave markers as Bray tried to find him and swing at him with a kendo stick.

Another setting would find the two superstars battling inside a huge barn which contained various props. Among them were a ladder, a grand piano, and a lawnmower. Bray attempted to hit Sister Abigail with Matt on the piano but Hardy escaped. Matt regained control after hitting Bray with the ladder a few times. From there, Hardy decided to get on the lawnmower and was going to run down Wyatt as he was laid out. However, Wyatt got up and did his crab walk pose, then stood up, causing Matt to stop the mower. Wyatt gained the advantage.

The fight would move to the “Lake of Reincarnation,” a site featured in the previous TNA battle the Hardys had. There was a canoe sitting there. Bray took control of Matt and prepared to hit Sister Abigail, but the drone came flying towards Bray. He turned around and took hold of it, telling the object, “I’ll deal with you later,” before pushing it away.

As Bray turned back, Matt Hardy wasn’t there. He saw the canoe facing down and turned it over to reveal Senor Benjamin, a character who was also featured in Matt and Jeff’s TNA run. Benjamin was holding a small globe and threw it to Bray who caught it. As Bray looked at it, Benjamin started singing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”

Next up, Jeff Hardy made his return on Raw, but only for a brief cameo. Hardy, who also went by the name “Brother Nero” during TNA, was right next to Bray and also sang the “Whole World” lines to distract Bray. As Jeff disappeared, Matt was there and grabbed Wyatt to hit Twist of Fate. The referee was there and counted the pinfall, with Matt victorious.

As Wyatt stood up after the loss, Matt rushed at him with an oar from the canoe, causing Bray to fall back into the lake. When Matt requested his pal Senor Benjamin to retrieve Wyatt’s body from the waters, Benjamin said it wasn’t to be found. From there, Hardy declared the “Great War” over and chanted “Delete” multiple times.

The latest segment provided a different way to end Raw, but it’s not likely one that will cause this feud to keep going. The two had an interesting rivalry and Matt Hardy’s creativity is certainly evident from the segment. However, fans who weren’t following TNA’s Deletion story previously may have been lost by some of the proceedings, characters, or locations.

With that said, it was able to show popularity on Twitter, with “#UltimateDeletion” and Bray each among the top 10 trends in the United States right after Raw ended. There were fans expressing confusion over what they witnessed and others praising it as one of the best main events they’ve seen in a while. That debate will probably continue for a few days or so, but this won’t be something carrying over to WrestleMania 34.

Matt Hardy’s next story could be interesting to see, especially if the WWE continues with the “Woken” gimmick. Will WWE feed him Elias or another heel for a regular mid-card feud? Possibly his brother Jeff will be back to wrestling soon. As far as Bray Wyatt goes, it should be interesting to see when he returns and what sort of character changes, if any, WWE has for him.