Meri Brown Finally Speaks Out About Rumors She Is Leaving 'Sister Wives' And The Brown Family

Mandy Robinson

The fans of Sister Wives have watched how everyone assumes that Meri Brown is leaving the show along with the family. Now, Meri is finally speaking out and sharing what her real plans are for the family. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what Meri had to say about how she will be sticking it out with the family. This reality star isn't going anywhere.

Meri and Kody Brown have been through their problems over the years. She ended up getting catfished and thought that she had feelings for someone else, but it turned out to be a woman tricking her. Kody has stuck by her through all of it, but their relationship isn't the same at all. The fans have been wondering what is going on and if she will end up leaving now that she owns a bed and breakfast in Utah.

Meri actually went to her Twitter and shared that she isn't leaving at all. She said, "Already starting the night with a blocking spree! Come on guys, I have a family, I'm not bailing! Sheesh!!"

It really does sound like Meri Brown is tired of dealing with the haters and the best way for her to deal with it is to just shut her haters out totally. If she blocks them, then she won't even have to read what they say to her.

There have been a ton of previews this year that make it look like Meri Brown might be leaving. They are doing a great job of keeping up the suspense, but now Meri is saying that this isn't the case at all. The fans will just have to wait and see how it all plays out, but if Meri is telling the truth, then she will be sticking around and trying to work it out with Kody. They have a lot to work on within the entire Brown family. This week Meri was really upset that she didn't get asked to come in when Maddie Brown Brush had her first child.

Don't miss new episodes of Sister Wives when they air on Sunday nights on TLC. This season of the show is almost over, but it has already been confirmed that it was renewed and will be back again.