March 19, 2018
'Counting On' Fans Think They Spotted Anna Duggar On The '90s Show 'Married With Children,' Reports 'In Touch'

Anna Duggar, the long-suffering wife of Josh Duggar, has been married to her husband for almost a decade now. Educated in a homeschool setting similar to that of her spouse, Anna Duggar hasn't really explored much of the world. However, fans noticed something bizarre about her IMDB page recently, and it's that she was supposedly on an episode of Married with Children in the 1990s, according to In Touch Weekly.

When she first appeared on 19 Kids and Counting as a teen, she was then known as Anna Keller, and that's the name that she allegedly went by when appearing on the show. According to Reddit super sleuths, she only appeared on one episode, and it is linked to her official IMDB page, which makes some believe that this actually happened. If it did, there is no mistaking that it is a very bizarre show for a Duggar to appear on, given the context of it and the general level of "inappropriateness." Although Anna wasn't raised as a Duggar, her home life was not all that different from her in-laws, as she has a large brood of siblings and also attended the same homeschooling conferences as Josh and his siblings.

In a transcript of the episode one of the Reddit fans found, it was discovered that Anna didn't have any lines, which made some suspect that perhaps it was a mistake. Others believe that maybe her IMDB got crossed with someone else who is also named Anna Keller who appeared on the show at one point.

However, anything is possible, so unless Anna addresses it herself, some fans are taking it as fact that she did appear on the popular '90s television show. It is possible her family wasn't as religious when she was very young, so that might explain her momentary acting career.

Anna Duggar has received plenty of scrutiny for other things in her life, however. The reality TV star has stuck by her husband, Josh Duggar, even after he cheated on her with several different women. She also stayed with him after it was revealed in 2015 that he had molested four of his younger sisters as a teenager.