Hoarder Pinned Under Piles Of Debris For Days, Rescued With Chainsaw

In Canada, a hoarder pinned under piles of garbage lingered for days, and the elderly man finally had to be rescued by chainsaw after he had not been heard from for some time.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police have not disclosed the identity of the hoarder, found trapped and pinned under piles of junk in his British Columbia home. Corp. Dave Reid of the RCMP in Burnaby confirmed that police spoke with the man, who confirmed that he’d been stuck under mountains of debris in his home and was unable to move.

Reid explained to a local newspaper:

“We made verbal contact with the guy but he basically told us he was trapped underneath a whole pile of debris, couldn’t get out, couldn’t move, hadn’t moved in a couple of days.”

Reid says the police and Burnaby Fire Department indeed located the hoarder pinned under piles of garbage for days, saying that the situation could have been far worse if people concerned about the senior citizen had not reached out for help in checking on his welfare:

“Had no one called, we would have found him down the road and it would’ve been a lot more tragic.”

While the elderly man was pinned under piles in one room, Reid also admits the rest of the home was affected by a serious hoarding situation and explains that junk was stacked from “floor to ceiling in every room, on both floors… it was bad.”

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The hoarder pinned under piles was eventually freed, but police also confirm he had sustained serious injury to one leg and that, due to the way he’d been trapped, circulation was cut off to that extremity for the duration of the incident.