March 20, 2018
Woman Who Confessed To Killing Her Kids, Aged 7 And 3, In 911 Call Gets 120 Years

A judge has sentenced an Indiana woman to 120 years in prison for killing her two children just hours after her husband filed for divorce. The New York Post is reporting that Brandi Worley learned of her sentence Monday after pleading guilty to double counts of murder. Judge Harry Siamas ordered 55 years for the first count and 65 years for the second count.

They are to be served successively.

Brandi has been in jail for 476 days; that time will be deducted from her overall prison sentence.

Worley had killed her 7-year-old son, Tyler Worley, and 3-year-old daughter, Charlee Worley, in November 2016. The mother of two had stabbed both children repeatedly with a combat knife at their Darlington residence, northwest of Indianapolis. Her former husband, Jason Worley, was asleep in the basement when the heinous crime was committed.

Jason Worley told police that he woke up to screams and rushed upstairs to see what was going on. He said he saw his ex-mother-in-law weeping profusely in the kitchen and Brandi seated in the living room. When he asked her what had happened, Brandi told him that the children would never be taken away from her.

According to court documents, Brandi bought the combat knife that she used for the double murder from Walmart. She had lied to her husband after a family dinner that she needed to visit the store and get supplies for Tyler's school project.

When she returned from her outing, she hid the knife in her son's room and waited for the children to fall asleep. When they did, she woke them up for what was meant to be a fun sleepover on the floor. Again, Brandi waited until they fell asleep on the floor before stabbing them to death. She straddled her son and stabbed him four times. She did the same to her 3-year-old daughter, Charlee, stabbing her thrice.

After the murders, Brandi Worley tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself in the neck and hanging herself, but both were unsuccessful. That was when she placed a chilling 911 call, calmly confessing that she had just killed her children.

Brandi: "I just stabbed myself and I killed my two children."

Dispatcher: "You stabbed yourself and killed your two children?"

Brandi: "Mm-hm"

Dispatcher: "And what caused you to do this today?"

Brandi: "My husband wanted to divorce and wanted my kids. I don't want him to have my kids."

According to Journal and Courier, Jason and Brandi Worley were engaged for two years before they tied the knot. Jason revealed that it was not the first time he and Brandi had discussed a divorce, adding that they had always agreed that they needed to put the kids first no matter what.

"We always said the children would come first, before each other or our marriage…she understood why we were getting a divorce."
Judge Siamas was quiet for over five minutes before pronouncing his sentence. In his verdict, he said he could never understand why a parent would kill a child. Twice he asked Brandi Worley if she had anything to say; she declined both times.

The first police officers to arrive at the crime scene said Brandi Worley never showed remorse over the young lives that she took. Rather, her biggest regret was that she botched her own death and did not die with Tyler and Charlee. Her former husband substantiated the claim, adding that it was shocking to see Brandi describe her atrocious crime in a "matter of fact manner."