Kim Kardashian Poses In A Swimsuit Amid Criticism Over Her Brand's Lack Of Diversity

Kim Kardashian has shared a jaw-dropping photo on Monday morning, but she remained tight-lipped over her makeup brand KKW Beauty's alleged lack of diversity. On Sunday, social media erupted with criticism over Kardashian's brand's alleged exclusion of dark-skinned women in its latest concealer line.

But the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star appeared unfazed by all the criticism floating around when she took to Instagram to share a revealing snap of herself donning a drenched white swimsuit, which bared a whole lot of skin in Kardashian's chest area, according to the Daily Mail.

The photo, which has amassed a whopping more than 1 million likes on Instagram within just two hours on Monday, is a behind-the-scenes pic from Kardashian's latest photo shoot for Elle's April cover. The reality star has yet to break her silence on allegations that her makeup brand lacked diversity in its new line of concealers.

Social media users have showered Kim Kardashian with criticism over her brand's alleged lack of diversity after KKW Beauty launched a campaign advertising its new concealers as "inclusive" and available in "16 shades," according to the Washington Post. But many users were quick to notice that the 16 shades in the new line do not cater to darker skin.

One of the photos of the campaign showed a dark-skinned black woman with the 16 shades drawn down her arm. Angry critics lambasted the brand for its lack of diversity as they noticed that none of the 16 shades actually matched the skin tone of the model. Since concealers are supposed to conceal blemishes, discolorations, and other flaws on the skin, at least one of its shades must be close to the user's natural skin tone to do the job.
Given that dark-skinned black women wouldn't be able to use any of the shades of KKW Beauty's new line of concealers, critics have described the campaign as an "epic fail" and "understandably offensive." But this is not the only problem with the campaign, as users have also lambasted the makeup brand for using a dark-skinned model, who couldn't even use any of the shades in the first place, to promote and sell the product.The inevitable backlash went viral on Twitter, but Kim Kardashian has remained silent on the matter. KKW Beauty's alleged failure to include dark shades for dark-skinned black women in its new line of concealers prompted many users to compare Kardashian's brand to Fenty Beauty, a highly inclusive makeup brand launched by Rihanna that included 40 foundation shades.