March 19, 2018
Britney Spears' Ex Kevin Federline Seeks Child Support Increase, Reports 'TMZ'

Britney Spears and her ex Kevin Federline are making headlines due to a child support dispute following previous reports of successful co-parenting. Currently, both parties share custody of their two adolescent sons. According to TMZ, Federline ended up in a dispute over child support with Britney's dad, Jaimie Spears.

The former backup dancer who stepped into the spotlight as K-Fed reportedly reached out to Britney's father about an increase in child support payments.

According to Vanity Fair, Spears has reportedly given Federline a check for over $1 million and has consistently paid child support ever since. According to TMZ, Federline currently receives $20,000 a month in child support.

According to Us Weekly, Britney made more than $137 million during her Las Vegas residency. Spears pulls in about $475,000 per show and has made 15 million dollars a year from the deal, according to a report by the Blast.

In February, the Blast reported that Federline reached out about increasing his child support.

Back in January, Britney signed a new Las Vegas residency deal for 2019. Britney's Las Vegas gig began in 2013, according to Yahoo!

New reports of Federline seeking an increase in child support comes months after he said that co-parenting with Britney is "easy."

In June of 2017, Kevin Federline revealed that he and Britney had finally arrived at a peaceful place when it came to co-parenting, the Inquisitr reported.

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears
Britney Spears' ex-husband, Kevin Federline, is currently seeking more child support from the singer.

Federline said that his relationship with the mother's of his children wasn't always so effortless.

"You fall into your routine and it's really easy now... It wasn't always easy, but it's a lot easier now."
When asked if co-parenting became easier over time, Federline agreed and said parents would eventually fall into a routine that suits them best.

Britney and Kevin settled their divorce ten years ago and share two sons together -- Sean Preston, 11, and Jayden James, 10.

The former dancer also has two daughters, Jordan, 5, and Peyton Marie, 3, with wife, Victoria Prince, whom he married in 2013. Federline also shares a 14-year-old daughter named Kori Madison and a 12-year-old son named Kaleb with former fiance Shar Jackson, 40, according to the Daily Mail.

Kevin opened up in a new interview about the challenges of raising six children. Federline said that at times, having six children can feel like you're trying to manage a basketball team, "But it's worth it."
"All my kids are great; they get along. By the time you have six, you are so well seasoned. I can probably change a diaper with one hand and feed a kid at the same time."
Britney has not commented on the situation. Spears has been staying active and prepping for upcoming performances in Vegas while posting workout videos on Instagram.

Britney also posted St. Patrick's Day photo of herself in a white minidress.

An insider revealed to Us Weekly that Britney emphasized to her father that she wanted the child support battle to cease.
"Britney has emphasized to her father she wants this settled... She doesn't want it lingering because it only creates stress."
According to Us Weekly, Federline currently has full custody of the two boys and on March 9, sent celebrity divorce attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, to meet with Jamie Spears in an effort to "mutually" arrive at a child support increase due to Britney's growing fortune.