Big Bang’s T.O.P Being Investigated For ‘Flower Road’ Release, YG Entertainment Responds

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Big Bang member T.O.P is now under investigation because of the band’s newly released song, “Flower Road.” Yongsan District is currently examining if the 30-year-old rapper has violated a law while being in service.

The controversial song was released on March 13. At the time, T.O.P had been enlisted for more than a year. To recall, he began his mandatory military service in February of 2017 but got dismissed on duty because of marijuana charges. He returned to the service in January.

The Yongsan District is asking the Seoul Police if the Big Bang member has indeed violated Article 28 of the law, All Kpop reported. The law, which regulates public service workers, prohibits soldiers from being involved in other business ventures while enlisted.

“We asked for confirmation on whether the song release is allowed,” Yongsan District said in a statement.

The community revealed that the Military Manpower Administration will look into the matter starting this week. The organization will then give the district an update if T.O.P really violated the law.

On the other hand, the Big Bang singer addressed the allegations, explaining to Yongsan District that he was done working on “Flower Road” between the years of 2015 and 2016. He also said that he had no idea YG Entertainment was going to release the special track.

The district asked for his contract to be submitted for investigation. It will look through the contract and his involvement in the song’s production. In YG Entertainment boss Yang Hyun-suk’s post on Instagram, it was revealed that the “Flower Road” lyrics were written by G-Dragon and T.O.P.

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Meanwhile, the music label also answered Yongsan District’s accusations against Big Bang talent T.O.P.

“Fans already know that ‘Flower Road’ was recorded two years ago while working on the ‘MADE’ album,” a source revealed, via Soompi.

The insider also explained that the music label promoted Big Bang’s special single with the help of various media reports. Hence, the music company is confused as to why the track’s release is being made into a big issue.

On March 10, YG Entertainment announced on Instagram that it was going to reveal a special track for every Big Bang fan. The song is now hitting a number of charts and now has “all-kill” status.