‘The Blacklist’ And ‘Taken’ Are Shows That May Be Canceled This Season, Per ‘Business Insider’

Evan AgostiniInvision / AP Images

Trying to guess the shelf life of a TV show today will drive one crazy. In the past, you knew a good show will last five to six years without question but lately, a show will be lucky to see two to three years on a network. Maybe the blame can be pointed toward Hulu or Netflix or maybe your favorite show is just not that good. According to Carrie Wittmer of Business Insider, The Blacklist and Taken are two shows who may not return for another season.

The Blacklist has been a fan favorite for years; however, Season 5 has not been able to keep up with the intensity of the earlier seasons. Maybe it has to do with Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen’s relationship, and that it’s no longer a mystery? Fans were not blind to the fact that Reddington was her father but keeping the audience in the dark for four seasons may have kept the ratings up. This season has focused on Liz finding Tom’s killer, and it has taken some luster away from the suspense that has carried the other seasons. Gone are the climactic battles between Reddington and Mr. Kaplan or Liz and Red. While it’s good that father and daughter are seeing eye to eye, some of the magic that made The Blacklist so appealing is gone.

Another show that may get the ax is Taken.

Everyone remembers the highly successful Taken movies about Bryan Mills, the operative with a certain set of skills. Well, NBC decided to do a TV version and with the success of the first season, a second was green-lit. But then changes happened and the show was never the same. In what was a nine-member team is now dropped down to four. It was a team of operatives taking out crews when now it’s just Mills and Santana in the field doing the same, with Christina calling the shots and Kilroy sitting behind a computer punching buttons. Not as believable as Season 1.

But what knocked Taken down a peg this season was that nothing was ever explained about the former cast. In the first episode of the second season, it was explained that the other operatives were given assignments elsewhere. But what happened to Mills’ girlfriend who was injured at the end of Season 1? Last we saw, she was in the hospital and when the show returned, her name was never mentioned. It’s as if the writers forgot there was a first season at all.

While both shows have taken a dip in ratings, Wittmer would go on to say that The Blacklist may get a farewell season. However, Taken just may disappear, never to be heard of again. If both shows are canceled, it’s a shame because they both had such great potential.