WWE 'Raw': Teaser Released Hinting At A Possible Resolution To The Tag Team Title And Braun Strowman Situation

Braun Strowman changed the dynamics of Raw Tag Team match scheduled at WrestleMania 34 after he single-handedly won the No. 1 contender match on the last episode of Raw. Braun Strowman's victory led to a lot of confusion that whether it was even legal for a wrestler to compete for Tag Team titles without a partner. The WWE Universe is eager to see the storylines planned for the Monster Among Men.

WWE recently revealed a teaser for the upcoming episode of Raw on March 19. It stated that Kurt Angle had a lot on his plate but he would have to address the issue as soon as possible. The teaser added that it remains to be seen if Angle rules in favor of Braun Strowman or the Team Red will have to suffer if Strowman does not get what he wants. Notably, Kurt Angle himself is involved in a Mixed Tag Team match with Ronda Rousey against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Braun Strowman was not scheduled for any match at the grandest stage of all, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. On the last episode of Raw, Braun Strowman inserted himself in the No. 1 contender match. As one would expect, he defeated some of the best tag teams on the red brand. Things were left hanging and some clarity on the situation is expected on tonight's episode of Raw.

Braun Strowman in the tag team no 1 contender match

It was believed that Braun Strowman was being held back in case some severe incriminating evidence emerged against Roman Reigns in Jon Bravo steroid video. Now that the said video has been released with no proof against Reigns, WWE can book Strowman as per the plans. Some rumors indicate that he may get a partner to join him in the Tag Team match at WrestleMania 34. Names of potential partners include Elias, Big Show, and Bray Wyatt.

It is also possible that he is allowed to compete alone and becomes the first ever one-man tag team champion. This would justify his push and the entire build-up of projecting him as the indestructible force. A handicap tag team match could certainly keep things exciting in an event filled with top superstars.

It remains to be seen how Kurt Angle would react when Raw returns on March 19, 2018, from the American Airlines Center in Dallas.