‘Clash Royale’ New Card Update: Barbarian Barrel Release Date Revealed, Sneaky Archers Next?


Clash Royale, a real-time mobile tower rush game developed by Supercell, has set the official release date for the Barbarian Barrel. The Barbarian Barrel, the latest epic card set to enter the Clash Royale Arena, will be released in less than 19 days and will join the Skeleton Barrel and the Goblin Barrel as the only cards that utilize a barrel to launch a troop across the field. The release of the Barbarian Barrel follows the arrival of the Magic Archer and presumably, and if leaks can be counted upon, the Sneaky Archers would be next card to be released.

Clash Royale players know the importance of getting past building structures to get to the tower. Most defending players utilize defensive structures such as the Inferno Tower, the Hidden Tesla, and the Cannon, and in some cases, spawner cards, like the Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut, Furnace, and the Tombstone, to halt their opponent’s push.

Once the push is derailed and the advancing troops are distracted, the defending player can counter-attack. And since the offensive players have probably used quite a lot of elixir for the push and their troops are stuck trying to destroy the building structures, they become vulnerable to counter. The Barbarian Barrel will provide another offensive option for the offensive player to bypass the building structures.

According to Newsweek, the Barbarian Barrel will be released in April, 2018. Just like the Goblin Barrel and the Skeleton Barrel, the Barbarian Barrel uses a barrel to ferry troops across the field. However, unlike the Goblin Barrel and the Skeleton Barrel, the Barbarian Barrel can deal damage on impact. It can be recalled that the Goblin Barrel used to have this impact damage in earlier versions of Clash Royale.

The Barbarian Barrel also deals damage to troops or building structures on the Barrel’s path. Another difference between the Barbarian Barrel and the Goblin Skeleton Barrels is that the latest epic card doesn’t land where it is cast since it bounces and rolls for a few moments before the barrel is destroyed.

The Barbarian Barrel is a spell type card, which can be unlocked in the Hog Mountain Arena. It costs three elixirs to cast, and spawns one barbarian once barrel is destroyed. The existence of the Barbarian Barrel was leaked last year by the Clash Royale Arena. In the same post, the article suggested that four cards, including the Barbarian Barrel, will soon be introduced into the game.

At the moment, the Ghost, the Magic Archer, and now the Barbarian Barrel have been confirmed. The last card included in this leak is the Sneaky Archers, and it stands to reason that it would also be released in the coming weeks. Also, the Sneaky Archers are already included in Clash Royale’s sister-game, the Clash of Clans.

This latest epic card combines the ability of the barrels and the Legendary Card Log to topple weak-health units. That said, the Barbarian Barrel has the potential to become a game-changer since it would allow a player to bypass opponent defenses and land straight or near the tower, while destroying or damaging troops on its path.

Since its release in 2016, this continuous development, improvement, and innovation have made Clash Royale one of the best online mobile games available on the market, with millions of downloads on both the Android and iOS platforms.