Joy-Anna Duggar Plans Pregnancy Reveal In ‘Counting On’ Sneak Peek Ahead Of Her Son’s Birth Special

Austin and Joy ForsythInstagram

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth will break the news that they’re expecting on the next episode of Counting On. Fans who were unable to watch the couple’s birth special online will also get a chance to see it tomorrow night. Thanks to TLC’s rush job on baby Gideon’s arrival, Joy-Anna will go from announcing her pregnancy to giving birth in the space of less than two hours.

On Sunday, TLC shared a sneak peek of the March 19 episode of Counting On, “A New Bundle of Joy.” The episode’s title makes it pretty obvious that it’s about Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth finding out that they’re about to become parents. In the short clip, the couple talks about the moment they learned that Joy-Anna was pregnant.

“I kind of suspected that I was pregnant,” said the Duggar daughter.

However, she couldn’t be certain until she took a home pregnancy test.

“So Austin and I were like, okay, we’ll go ahead and take a test and just see, and not have our hopes up. But if we are, it would be great.”

The test turned out positive. But before breaking the news to their families, the couple decided to wait a week and a half so that Joy-Anna could take one more test. The second test proved that the first one wasn’t a fluke, so the couple started scheming about how they were going to let their loved ones know that they had a little one on the way.

Pregnant Duggars usually share their news with the entire Duggar clan by calling a family meeting, but Joy-Anna complained that this ruins the surprise for everyone. Nine Duggar grandchildren had been born by the time she got pregnant with her first child, so her parents and siblings would know exactly what it meant if she called a family meeting. She and Austin Forsyth discussed ways to ensure that their announcement would actually be a surprise, and they came up with the idea of sharing their news with everyone individually or in smaller groups.

Austin decided that they would tell his family first, then they would meet Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar somewhere to let them know that they were about to become grandparents again. After that, it would become a mad dash to call and text as many Duggars as possible to break the news before the word spread.

Joy-Anna wanted to do something fun for the younger kids, so she came up with the idea of bringing over a bunch of balloons. Inside one of the balloons, they hid a note saying that she and Austin were expecting. The couple decided to minimize the chance of someone slipping up and spilling their secret by saving their celebration with the little Duggars for last.

Joy-Anna and Austin skipped the gender reveal party that’s popular with some members of the Duggar clan, a fact that viewers learn in their son’s birth special. It shows Joy-Anna’s parents finding out that they have yet another grandson after Joy-Anna gives birth at the hospital. The rest of the family learns the baby’s sex when Jim Bob calls and reveals it to one of Joy-Anna’s old buddy team members, Jennifer.

As reported by Us Weekly, Gideon Marytn Forsyth was born on February 23, so the Counting On production crew had less than a month to get his birth special online for Duggar fans to enjoy. Some cable subscribers can currently watch it on the Counting On website by signing in with their cable provider usernames and passwords. According to TV Guide, Joy-Anna Duggar’s Counting On birth special, “Joy Gives Birth,” will also air tomorrow night on TLC. Viewers can check out her baby announcement and her baby’s arrival beginning at 9 p.m. ET.