‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Crossover Event Set In April, Plus New Image Shows Morgan And Nick


Are you a fan of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead? If so, AMC has an event tailored for you. On April 15, they will be hosting a very special fan event across the U.S.

Survival Sunday: The Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead is hosted by Fathom Events and AMC. According to Fathom Event’s press release, the one-night-only big-screen fan event will be a collision of the two worlds as Morgan makes the big-screen jump from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead.

Theresa Beyer, SVP of brand activation for AMC, released the following statement about the crossover event.

“Sunday, April 15 marks an epic and highly-anticipated moment for these series, as worlds collide when Morgan crosses over from The Walking Dead and into the new world of Fear. We are thrilled to be working with our terrific partners at Fathom to provide fans from across the country the opportunity to experience this crossover moment in such a special way and among other members of one of television’s most passionate fan communities.”

AMC's 'The Walking Dead' and 'Fear the Walking Dead' crossover event, Rick, Morgan, Madison
Featured image credit: AMC

This event will screen the Season 8 finale episode of The Walking Dead and then segue into the Season 4 premiere episode of Fear the Walking Dead in more than 750 participating venues. If the thought of being with other Walking Dead fans during this event isn’t exciting enough, bonus content will also air during the event. At the moment, it is unclear what this extra content will be, but details will be revealed closer to the event according to the press release. Fans who attend will also receive a commemorative item.

Walking Dead fans can purchase tickets for this event starting Friday, March 16. All the details, including ticket prices and participating venues, can be found on the Fathom Events website.

While it is unclear how Morgan will make the transition from The Walking Dead to Fear, many fans are speculating Morgan will die in Season 8 of The Walking Dead in order to make time for his new role in Fear. So far, no one associated with either show will confirm or deny whether Morgan will die in The Walking Dead. However, Lennie James, the actor who plays Morgan, did tell Metro that it was very hard to leave the Atlanta set where The Walking Dead is filmed. He will also be sad when the cast gathers for filming of Season 9. When asked if this means Morgan will die, James had this to say.

“At the moment, I’m on Fear – that’s about as much as I can say.”

While those associated with the two shows are tight-lipped about the crossover, AMC has just released some new images showing Morgan in Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead. Included in this image set is the following image showing Morgan and Nick (Frank Dillane) together. This is the first image showing Morgan with one of the established members of Fear the Walking Dead. Previously, his images showed him with new members of Fear. While it doesn’t indicate which episode this image is from on the AMC press site, other images from Episode 4 show Nick wearing the same clothes. However, considering how infrequently Nick changes his clothes, this is no indication the characters will be together in Episode 4.

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead' and 'The Walking Dead' crossover, Nick and Morgan
Featured image credit: Richard Foreman, JrAMC

As for how Morgan’s storyline will impact others in Fear and why he has never mentioned his time across the country to those in The Walking Dead, Lennie James revealed to Deadline that fans will just have to wait until his appearance in Fear to find out the answers.

“It’s like a secret story that Morgan never shared. We’re moving forward. It’d be kind of cool if we had like young Lennie James, like, it’s a prequel like Gotham but this is not a prequel. I will say, and it’s important, it’s not a prequel, but we do play with time in interesting ways in this upcoming season of Fear to tell a certain story.”

Season 8 of The Walking Dead currently airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST. Fear the Walking Dead returns with Season 4 on Sunday, April 15, at 10 p.m. EST.