Melania Trump ‘Expecting Further Details’ Via Stormy Daniels ’60 Minutes’ Interview, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Joe Raedle/Alex EdelmanGetty Images

Stormy Daniels is expected to appear in an upcoming 60 Minutes episode, scheduled to air on Sunday, March 25. According to Hollywood Life, First Lady Melania Trump is allegedly “bracing herself” for any new allegations that may emerge in the wake of Stormy’s interview, wherein she is expected to give her version of events about her alleged affair with Trump. The publication quotes an unnamed source’s claim that “Melania is bracing herself for what’s to come out during the 60 Minutes special, and is prepared for some pretty humiliating and embarrassing revelations to come out.”

The publication went on to claim that the source alleged President Donald Trump had already expressed everything to Melania about the alleged affair. However, the unnamed source alleged that Melania expected to learn more via Stormy’s 60 Minutes‘ interview. “Donald insists he has told her every detail of what allegedly went down between himself and Stormy, but Melania is expecting further details to come to light,” claimed the source. The insider went on to claim that while Trump is fond of dismissing negative press as “fake news,” it is not clear how that phrase will sit with the public after Stormy’s interview airs, the same day that President Trump is expected to travel from Mar-a-Lago, as reported by the Inquisitr.


“Melania has been with Donald long enough to understand how he ticks though, and although she always appears to be on the same page as him in public, it’s a very different situation in private. Everybody seems to think that Melania isn’t that smart, but in truth, she’s actually a really smart woman, but she plays the role of supportive wife exceedingly well.”

Stormy gave an interview to In Touch in 2011, an article that remained in the publication’s archives for years until interest in Daniels’ allegations grew to a fevered pitch.

According to the Washington Post, Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, stepped in to prevent Stormy from telling her side of the story about her alleged affair with Trump — with the publication alleging that Cohen threatened to harm Stormy’s career, passing that threat on to the publication agent who arranged for Stormy’s story to be printed.

The agent was Gina Rodriguez, and Gina’s ex-husband, Randy Spears, reported to the Washington Post that he was the person who answered the phone when Cohen called Gina — but Gina wouldn’t speak with Cohen and called her attorney instead. With Stormy’s CBS 60 Minutes segment with Anderson Cooper getting plenty of hype prior to March 25, the publication reports on Cohen’s latest attempts to try and hold Daniels liable for $20 million in penalties for speaking out.