Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Dolls Called 'Creepy' And 'Dubious,' But Doll-Maker Says They're 'Sweet'

The lead up to a royal wedding is always filled with souvenirs of the happy couple. Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's faces are on everything from bone china teacups and collectible plates to 3-D pics, T-shirts, and badges. As Princess Diana's sisters once famously pointed out, when the soon-to-be princess' face appears on the tea towel, it's too late to change wedding plans. But Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren't showing any signs of splitting up. The couple looks as much in love as ever, and the Express shared that the royal wedding souvenirs just keep coming.

The latest tributes to Harry and his bride are two sets of dolls. The Harry and Meghan dolls don't look a whole lot like the prince and the Suits star, but even though the dolls are only 18-inches tall, everyone knows exactly who they are supposed to be.

In one set, Harry is shown in his gorgeous Blues and Royals uniform, and his weirdly-cut ginger hair is turned into a shade almost as dark as Markle's brunette locks. In the other doll set, the prince's hair is so bright red that there's no mistaking it for any other shade. Both dolls appear to be wearing all the right medals and the royal sash, and the doll-maker decided to get rid of the beard as part of the wedding day look.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wed on May 19 at Windsor Castle
A young Prince Harry in the days before he grew the famous ginger beard.

Meghan Markle looks "resplendent" in a sumptuous, lacy wedding gown and a matching long veil, but her face is a lot fuller than the real thing. One of the dolls has a long-sleeved wedding gown, but the other is in a sleeveless confection that doesn't resemble any other royal wedding dresses. Shirley Lee is the person who made the mini Meghan and Harry. She says that the project was "for fun," and they aren't supposed to be perfect replicas.

However, Shirley also thinks she did a good job with the likeness and that both the prince and Markle in doll form have everything they need to be all ready to say "I do" at Windsor Castle on May 19.

"As soon as I saw Harry and Meghan's engagement interview I just got pulled in to start making the dolls – they were so sweet together."
MSN News wrote that Twitter users aren't convinced that the dolls look anything like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and some people think the Meghan and Harry dolls are downright terrifying. One person tweeted that the list of things wrong with the Meghan and Harry dolls includes everything, and another tweeter wrote that the dolls are just creepy.