March 18, 2018
Rory Mcllroy Goes After Booze Sales At PGA Events -- Cites Out Of Control Heckler Yelling His Wife's Name

Rory Mcllroy is tired of dealing with the abusive hecklers at PGA tournaments and he believes a lot of what he is seeing is alcohol-fueled. He has had a few complaints about this in the past, just last month he complained that playing in Tiger Woods' group gave him headaches. Mcllroy claims it was the gallery causing those headaches while he was playing two rounds at the Genesis Open with Woods.

Tiger Woods, who is the previous number one ranked golfer in the world, has a way of tuning out the excess noise of the hecklers and playing the game of golf without any heckling getting under his skin. While this works for Woods, this is apparently not the case for Mcllroy.

According to the Bleacher Report, "nobody deals with obnoxious fans more than Woods," who lets whatever they are saying just roll off his back. He ignores them. While Woods has said in the past that there are hecklers out there intentionally trying to distract the golfers, he doesn't have a problem with the hecklers until they yell during a golf swing. As long as that doesn't happen, Woods told reporters "we're fine."

Woods' take on heckling disturbances is that the gallery can be "raucous" at times, but most of the time what he sees is the spectators having a great time. Woods elaborated by saying:

"It's fun. They are having a blast, and hopefully, we can execute golf shots, but as long as they don't yell on our golf swings, everything's cool."
Mcllroy said he doesn't want to stop the fans from having fun at these tournaments, but he also doesn't want to have to worry about what's going on around him as he does his job. It is when the comments get personal that Mcllroy starts to feel perturbed especially when the fans out there start to get rowdy. Mcllroy said the following.
"It used to be you bring beers on the course but not liquor. And now it seems like everyone's walking around with a cocktail. So I don't know if it just goes back to people walking around with beers in their hand, that's fine, but I don't know."
CBS News reports that "Rory Mcllroy suggests limiting alcohol, possibly ending liquor sales at golf events." Mcllroy believes this will "curtail the heckling." His complaints included a recent heckler in the crowd who kept yelling his wife's name. He said he was going to walk over to the guy and have "a chat with him." Apparently, he didn't but Rory believes "it's gotten a little out of hand."
CBS News calls Mcllroy's idea of limiting or doing away with alcohol at PGA events "an interesting suggestion." At the same time, the CBS article conveys they are not sure just how thrilled the PGA folks running the tournaments would be to limit alcohol sales. If they did it would "certainly help thin out the crazies" they write.

According to the Bleacher Report, the sales of alcohol at the tournaments bring in money, not only for the concession stands but in ticket sales as well. They suggest that if other golfers start to speak out it may force the PGA to take some type of action against the sales of alcoholic beverages.