WWE News: Daniel Bryan Reveals The Real Reason He Isn’t Booked For WrestleMania 34

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Daniel Bryan has been trying to work his way back into a wrestling role for two years now. However, there were unsubstantiated rumors a week ago that the WWE offered him a chance to get back into the ring for WrestleMania 34, but Bryan turned them down. The reason he rejected the return was that the WWE reportedly wanted him to stand on the ring apron for 95 percent of the match and he felt that would disrespect him and the fans to make them think he was going to wrestle but then not have him do anything. However, in a recent interview with the National, Bryan said that there is still a chance he could wrestle at WrestleMania 34 but gave the real reason he is not on the card.

What Is Keeping Daniel Bryan Off WrestleMania 34?

The question was what the status was for a match with Daniel Bryan teaming with Shane McMahon to wrestle Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 34. Bryan said that the match is still possible but there is one thing standing in the way, and it has nothing to do with anything on his part.

While the previous rumors that Daniel Bryan wasn’t wrestling at WrestleMania 34 might be true concerning his time in the ring, there is still the fact that he doesn’t want it to be a false return. However, based on his wording, he hasn’t rejected a WWE return entirely but wants it done right.

The real reason that Daniel Bryan is not scheduled to wrestle at WrestleMania 34 is that the WWE still won’t clear him from his injuries, despite everything Daniel has done. When it comes to Bryan, he said he had done everything that the WWE has asked of him, and they still are not clearing him yet.

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Reveals The Real Reason He Isn't Booked For WrestleMania 34
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Daniel Bryan And His Health

Daniel Bryan said that he doesn’t know if he will wrestle at WrestleMania 34 and he said he doesn’t think the WWE knows either — making it seem like it is still a possibility. He said that he had done everything the WWE asked him to do, including all the medical testing they requested.

According to Daniel Bryan, every doctor he saw has cleared him to return to wrestling, including all the doctors the WWE sent Bryan to see. Since he has been seeing the WWE requested doctors, he said the chances of the WWE letting him wrestle again have gone from low to “a little higher.”

Daniel Bryan seems to still hold out hope that the WWE will clear him to wrestle again. He even said that if there is no way storyline-wise for his WWE return, there is another way for him to return. If the WWE rejects, most signs point to him leaving in September when his contract expires.