Take The Poll: Should Donald Trump Fire Robert Mueller? As Investigation Heats Up, Do You Want It To Continue?

Chris KleponisGetty Images

As the Russia investigation heats up, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly sending questions to Donald Trump last week — questions that may be asked if Mueller and his investigators finally get the chance to grill Trump directly, concerns have grown that Trump may attempt to end or impede the investigation by firing Mueller sometime in the next several days.

But would Trump be justified in firing Mueller? Or would he be essentially admitting his guilt by handing the former FBI director his walking papers? The Inquisitr wants your opinion on whether Trump should fire Mueller. Register your opinion by casting your vote in the poll below on this page. Simply click on the answer that reflects your view, and then see the results of the poll so far.

In the most recent public opinion poll, taken in February, according to the Hill, by Monmouth University, 62 percent of Americans said that they feel not only that Trump should not fire Mueller, but that Congress should pass a law to protect the special counsel’s job if, in fact, Trump does move to pink-slip Mueller.

Legislation to protect Mueller’s job was introduced months ago in Congress but has gone nowhere, according to Time, despite earlier reports that Trump ordered White House Counsel Don McGhan to figure out a way to fire Mueller in June of last year, less than a month after Mueller was first appointed.