Here’s Who Pays For Meghan Markle’s Designer Clothing — It’s Probably Not Who You Think

Hannah McKayGetty Images

Meghan Markle has been making waves with her fashion ever since her engagement to Prince Harry was officially announced. In fact, the coat that she wore to the photo op after the announcement sold out almost instantaneously, the New York Times reports. A black Marks and Spencer sweater that she wore to one of her appearances with her fiance sold out quickly after she wore it, as well.

With Meghan becoming a fashion icon, it’s easy to wonder who exactly is paying for all of these designer clothes. While the sweater and coat we mentioned earlier are relatively inexpensive, the couture Ralph & Russo gown that she wore for her engagement photo shoot costs £56,000, according to the Independent, which is about $80,000 US dollars. So, who is footing the bill?

According to People Magazine, the royal family is not allowed to accept free clothing from designers. So, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are likely paying for these items with their own money. Meghan’s team pulls items from designers and then the outfits that she ends up wearing are purchased, People reports. The ones that she doesn’t choose are returned to the designers.

This will change when Meghan Markle marries Harry on May 19 at Windsor Castle. When Meghan becomes an official member of The British Royal Family, the budget for her clothing will get its funds from Prince Charles’ income from the Duchy of Cornwall. Prince Harry, William, and Kate Middleton all get a piece of that “allowance” from the Prince of Wales.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, Meghan was earning about $50,000 per episode before she left Suits, which means that she earned about $500,000 per year from the show. If you add the money she would have earned from other projects, it’s easy to imagine that her fortune exceeds a million dollars. As for Prince Harry, the conservative estimate of his fortune is $25 million, while some claim that it could be as big as $40 million.

People Magazine reports Harry may have received a bigger inheritance than William when his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, died. The reason for this could be that she knew that Prince William would inherit the Duchy of Cornwall from his father, Prince Charles. Harry and William inherited 20 million pounds from Princess Diana’s estate after she died. The money was held in a trust which they couldn’t touch until they turned 30.