Jennifer Aniston Leaning On Friends Post-Split, Says ‘People,’ And How Theroux Is Faring On His Own In NYC

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It’s never easy to part ways after a lengthy relationship and is even more difficult when two celebrities are involved who are already constantly in the spotlight. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are the latest estranged couple who are in the celebrity breakup spotlight, and as claims regarding the reason for the split swirl, the two seem to be working through the tricky time without letting the rumors and media attention get to them.

As People noted, the way that Aniston is moving forward following the split is by leaning on her close friends. The couple announced they were separated in mid-February by way of a joint statement, which indicated that Jen and Justin had been apart for some time. Aniston’s close Friends co-star, Courteney Cox, has reportedly been a solid shoulder for Jen to lean on in this difficult time, and Cox was present at Aniston’s 49th birthday celebration on February 11th, just ahead of the joint statement being released.

A source shared with the publication that “They had friends over, hung out and also celebrated her special day. Spending time at Courteney’s always makes her happy. Her close friends knew about the split for several weeks before the announcement.”

The insider goes on to insist that Aniston has a large group of girlfriends, who Jen always makes time for and supports, but that at this point, it’s time for her friends to be there for her.

As for Justin Theroux, the actor and screenwriter is taking each day as they come and is focused on his health-both mentally and physically. Wonderwall reported words of a source close to Aniston’s ex, who insists that Justin is dealing well, despite reeling over the separation in the beginning.

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“Justin has been hitting the gym hard since the split. He’s been working out for over an hour every day at Gotham Gym. Boxing is a big part of his workout routine,” the source shares. Theroux and Aniston both have a love for fitness, and Justin is reportedly set on making his regimen a daily thing from now on as he copes with the stress that comes from a high-profile split.

Being back in New York City has reportedly resulted in a better mindset and focus for Theroux as he is in his “element” when in the Big Apple. It was rumored that the couple was at odds regarding where they would spend the majority of their time. While Jennifer Aniston preferred their life in Los Angeles, Justin Theroux was more keen on life in New York City.

Jen and Justin were a couple for seven years, two of which the pair were married.