Rob Kardashian Is A ‘Slimmed-Down’ Version Of Yesteryear In Latest Pic With Dream

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Rob Kardashian was born into a world filled with glamorous women as the only boy in the Kardashian brood. While the world watched his sisters primp to show a perfect image to the masses, Rob had his own weight battle going on. Because of his relationship to all this fame when an overweight Rob Kardashian stepped foot outside, a picture was snapped and the headlines attached to that photo addressing his weight gain were sometimes cruel.

Then Rob had a tumultuous relationship with Blac Chyna that put him in and out of the headlines for a few years. This coupled with his weight problems in the headlines was said to have done a number on the baby brother of the Kardashian brood. Rob has turned this all around today with his slimmed-down physique, according to the Daily Mail.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the latest picture that Kim Kardashian posted of her brother Rob to Instagram says it all, he is looking great. This is the consensus among the folks taking a gander at the “slimmed down” Rob while he is holding his daughter Dream in that Instagram post, which is seen below in this article.

It was a photo posted of Rob for his birthday that shows off the new man and father, as not only is Rob looking healthy, but he has a gigantic grin going on as well. In the past, a smile was often something that was missing from his face when he became depressed over his life events, as described in an archived 2015 article from People. At one point the only Kardashian male sibling had reportedly gained 200 pounds. He became reclusive and depressed, which would reportedly happen again down the line.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
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That same year the headlines blared of a “shocking weight gain” for Rob Kardashian as seen in an article from the Mirror from 2015. Rumors of fat camp swirled around the online world, an accusation that Rob denied, but the fact that he had gained weight was making the headlines with pictures.

TMZ reported how Rob Kardashian was hovering around the 300-pound mark and too depressed to leave the house, which occurred a year later in 2016. This was during a breakup with Blac Chyna while she was pregnant with their baby, Dream Kardashian.

Today that is all in the past and not only did Rob’s sister celebrate his 31st birthday by posting that same photo of Rob with his daughter Dream on her Instagram site, but his very famous sisters posted throwback pictures of Rob through the years. Quite possibly the most surprising of birthday wishes came from Blac Chyna. The Daily Mail considers this surprising because “the Rob & Chyna star is in the process of suing his mother Kris as well as his sister Kim over canceling her TV show.”

Here is Rob’s posted picture below showing off his beautiful daughter, a grin, and his slimmed-down frame.

Rob’s big sisters didn’t miss the chance to wish him a happy birthday, which happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. They posted Rob and Dream’s picture to their social media sites. Kim Kardashian celebrated Rob’s birthday with this throwback picture below, which she posted on Instagram.

Rob wished his own late dad happy birthday three weeks ago by posting a picture of him and his dad on Instagram, which is seen below.