Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: A ‘Love Child’ Not Wrecking Relationship Between New Favorite Royal Couple

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The royal wedding that has enthusiasts overly excited for, between Suits star Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, is fast approaching. With the big day getting nearer and nearer, this has left tabloids to capitalize as best as they can by drumming up false claims brought forth by unreliable sources.

One such claim is that a supposed “love child” is coming between Harry and Meghan while the two are deep in planning mode for the highly anticipated event. Globe has reported the account of a certain woman who has claimed that Prince Harry is the father of her 3-year-old son.

Gossip Cop relays the fabricated details of this tabloid’s account, noting “This purported ‘royal scandal’ supposedly erupted after an envelope was sent to Kensington Palace with ‘a handwritten note and a photo, along with a letter from an attorney representing the sender.”‘

The tabloid refrains from identifying the woman, but insists that the picture is of a child with “ginger-blonde hair and looks remarkably like Harry.”

The story within Globe goes on to state that Harry and Meghan are completely thrown by this news that was brought forward and an additional supposed insider goes on to describe the scene at the palace, given this fictional news.

“The palace is reeling and Harry can’t believe this is happening…everyone’s focused with keeping this under wraps and ensuring the royal wedding isn’t disrupted,” says the insider. Yet, real news this shocking would certainly mean that all British outlets would be reporting on it. Seeing as this is not the case, it can only be determined that the whole story is completely false.

The tabloid even goes so far as to use a still shot of Markle from her role on Suits as the featured image on the story, as opposed to an image of the soon-to-be royal from her real life with Prince Harry.

Many false claims have been circulating regarding the couple as their wedding day approaches. Markle’s family is constantly drawn into media rumors as outlets looking to ignite controversy and capitalize on the popularity of the adored couple attempt to drudge up negative details and spin a tale to make the star’s estranged and distant relatives seem like a problem for the royals.

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CTV makes clear the true drama that seems to be attached to Meghan Markle’s family. It is unlikely that Meghan and Harry will be affected by any of this when they tie the knot. Only time will tell. The couple is to be married in early May at Windsor Castle, and the event is sure to be the wedding of the year.