Android Auto Gets Swipe To Unlock Feature But There’s A Catch

Google’s Android Auto app is reportedly getting a makeover, and the new swipe-to-unlock feature will make it easier for drivers to access their phones.

As reported by Engadget, Google added the swipe-to-unlock feature to Android Auto albeit there has been no official announcement yet. However, don’t expect this option to be available to all users just yet. Google is in the early stages of rolling out this feature, and it might take a while before it becomes an official update.

Swipe-To-Unlock Feature

Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto revolutionized in-app display technology in vehicles. Before these two tech companies looked to car interface as their new pet projects, drivers had to settle for a lousy display.

Google even took a step further — introducing Android Auto as an app which is readily downloadable for all Android users. With this development, there’s no need to purchase a new head unit to access Android Auto. When the app is turned on, your phone forces you to pay attention to driving and minimizes the distraction courtesy of notifications from your mobile device.

However, there are instances when you urgently need to access some information from your device, and it becomes cumbersome to do it since the app limits accessibility to other features. To cater to these needs, Google added the feature that allows you to check message on a third-party messaging app without the need to go back to your phone’s home screen. This saves you a lot of time.

As noted above, Google is yet to announce this feature in Android Auto, and it might not be available immediately.

More About Android Auto

Android Auto became available in the Play Store in late 2016, and it provides useful features to anyone who is behind the wheel. The app’s main focus is to keep the driver focused on the road, not on the device. The app has limited features, but it’s possible to find what you need with a voice search.

The app allows you to access the weather, music, messages, and calls. While driving, it’s not possible to respond to messages, but Google can read the message back or inform the sender that you are driving. Google Maps is also accessible through Android Auto, and the app makes it easier to search for your destination and view the last places you looked for.