Justin Theroux Is Not ‘Leaning On’ Olivia Munn After Jennifer Aniston Breakup, Despite Report [Debunked]

John Lamparski, Bryan BedderGetty Images

Justin Theroux is “leaning on” actress Olivia Munn to cope with the split from Jennifer Aniston. At least that’s according to an article from In Touch Weekly, which claims that Theroux and Munn have a budding relationship now that he is newly single.

“He’s been leaning on Olivia Munn since leaving Jen,” an alleged insider says to In Touch.

If you’re not familiar with Justin Theroux and Olivia Munn’s career then you might be surprised at the tabloid linking them romantically. But Theroux and Munn worked together when they both did voice work for The LEGO Ninjago Movie last year.

In Touch’s insider says that Justin, 46, and Olivia, 37, “always kept in touch,” after the movie, but they go on to allege that their interactions have become more intimate.

“They make each other laugh, and things have definitely gone from the friendship zone into the flirting zone.”

But Gossip Cop is on the case and they claim that the story is untrue. To justify their claim, the celebrity rumor watchdog points to Olivia Munn’s post on her Instagram stories in which she says that there’s no romantic relationship between her and Justin.

As Buzzfeed News reports, Olivia Munn got the heads up via text from her publicist that In Touch was going to run this story. The publicist added that she could try to “shoot down” the rumor, but that the tabloid could just run it anyway, which they did. Munn posted the text exchange on her Instagram story which includes the actress’ response where says that the premise of the In Touch story is “stupid.”

Olivia also posted a message to the tabloids asking them to stop matching her to her friends’ exes. That’s a clear reference to Jennifer Aniston. As Buzzfeed notes, she and Munn know each other from working on a movie called Office Christmas Party, which came out in 2016. But the tabloids also previously linked her to Chris Pratt after he and Anna Faris broke up. Olivia had to debunk those rumors on her Instagram as well.

The In Touch story does note that Olivia Munn has shot down the rumor that she is dating Justin Theroux. But they only mention the “open letter” she wrote to ask tabloids to stop pairing her with her friends’ exes and don’t mention the texts between Munn and her publicist.