The Godyssey Coming To A Theater Near You

The Godyssey, an obscure comic book from the 1990s, is now set to get the feature film treatment.

Written by Rob Liefeld, co-founder of Image Comics in 1992 and creator of Deadpool, The Godyssey follows the Gods of the Grand Pantheon as they come together to fight a legion of fallen Gods.

The Gods making the transition from the book to movie include Zeus, Buddha, Ra, and Pangu.

According to Variety, the film version of The Godyssey is the result of a tweet by Liefeld. Last month the comic’s creator sent a tweet to his manager, Brooklyn Weaver, saying he would like to re-work the property as his next major project.

Broken Road’s Todd Garner saw the tweet and asked for more information about the idea. Happy with what he heard, he quickly partnered up with Liefeld and Weaver to develop and produce the film.

But before Garner can focus on The Godyssey, he must finish post-production on tornado actioner Black Sky with New Line and Sony.

Luckily, The Godyssey is not Liefeld’s only project. His Deadpool feature film is still alive with Tim Miller attached to direct and Ryan Reynolds set to reprise the role. He is also working on a feature adaption to his comic, Bloodstrike, which is being developed for Adi Shankar’s 1984 Private Defense Contractors.

While The Godyssey currently has no set production dates or talent attached, there is clearly excitement for the project from everyone involved.

Are you excited for The Godyssey? Who do you think would be a good choice to direct the film?