Jessa Duggar Shares Video Of Baby Henry Loving Snow To Break Silence On Instagram After Pregnancy Rumors

Jessa Duggar may not be pregnant with a third baby but she has plenty of baby news to share. After almost a month of not posting on Instagram, the 25-year-old mom broke the silence by uploading a cute video of her youngest son, Henry Seewald, enjoying his first snowfall. Even without a new baby announcement, Jessa managed to melt the hearts of Counting On fans with her 1-year-old boy.

Just last week, rumors of Jessa Duggar pregnant with her third baby broke loose after In Touch Weekly reported that she was already four months into the new motherhood. Combined with the fact that she has not posted a picture of herself since last December, the report fueled new baby speculations among the Duggar family followers.

However, it was quickly debunked after a representative from the family told E! Online and People Magazine that Jessa is not expecting a little one.

To soothe her fans' disappointment, Jessa shared a video of her youngest son enjoying his first snow. The fans erupted with joy in the comment section.

"Love watching her and the family," a fan wrote. "Spurgeon looks just like her and Henry looks like an Angel/ Story Book Child. Just a beautiful baby."

"That is so cute! I love how he blinks when it hits his eyes," another one remarked. "Always exciting as a kid to see snow!"

Check out baby Henry in full winter mode.

The last post was also of Henry, who is quickly becoming mobile after she turned 1 this past February. To make sure that he gets his fill of activity, Jessa and Ben have set up a playing area in their living room, cushioned all around by pillows to soften his fall.With a cute, blond younger brother, Spurgeon Seewald, the eldest child, gets less attention these days. However, he certainly has benefited from his younger brother's gym.Before she became a mother, Jessa Duggar filled her Instagram with selfies. But now that she has two, quickly growing babies in the house, she seems to be content using her Instagram account as a way to keep Counting On fans updated on Henry and Spurgeon.

With over 2 million followers, Jessa has the highest number of followers on Instagram among her family members.