Stormy Daniels’ Father Claims He’s Worried About Her Safety In Midst Of Alleged Trump Affair Drama Images

According to Bill Gregory, the estranged father of adult entertainer and alleged presidential paramour Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels), he is worried about his daughter’s safety in the wake of the attention surrounding her potential association with Donald Trump. Gregory claims that that Trump has “radical followers,” adding that those folks may not take too kindly to the things she’s been saying about the POTUS. Stormy Daniels’ dad made the comments during a recent interview with Inside Edition.

During his sit-down, Gregory was asked what advice he has for his daughter, who CNN reports recently claimed her allegations against Trump have led to a lucrative increase in business, he immediately turned his attention to the potential consequences of “challenging powerful people with money.” According to Gregory, Stormy should “be very careful.”

“Be very careful. When you start challenging powerful people with a lot of money, they can ruin your life. Trump has a lot of radical followers that might take offense to her telling stories about him.”

Bill Gregory’s warning to his daughter comes just days after it was publicly announced that Daniels would be opening up about the Donald Trump saga on an upcoming episode of 60 Minutes. The Stormy Daniels interview is slated to air on March 25, and it is widely expected that the adult film star will be coming clean about her alleged affair with the now-POTUS during the episode.

In recent weeks, Daniels has been trying to get out from under a non-disclosure agreement she had previously entered into with Donald Trump’s lawyer in which she agreed not to speak about her alleged affair with Trump. The adult film star was reportedly paid $130,000 for her silence, an amount which she has offered to return in exchange for being able to speak openly about her relationship with Donald Trump. According to the agreement she signed leading up to the 2016 presidential election, she could be on the hook for $1 million every time she violates the terms of the confidentiality agreement.

As Cosmopolitan reported, Stormy Daniels recently began crowdfunding to cover the costs of her legal expenses related to invalidating the contract and has already raised over $125,000. According to Daniels, the agreement she entered into should be null and void because Donald Trump never signed it himself. According to a statement written on her fundraising page, Stormy just wants the opportunity, to tell the truth about her “relationship” with Trump, as well as expose the “intimidation and tactics” she’s endured since reports of her alleged affair broke.

“I am attempting to speak honestly and openly to the American people about my relationship with now President Donald Trump and the intimidation and tactics used against me.”

As KXLY reported, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer recently claimed that the porn star was the target of threats of physical violence related her claims about the POTUS. In a CNN interview, Michael Avenatti said that Daniels was physically threatened to remain silent, although he wouldn’t elaborate as to who the threats came from nor answer questions regarding whether or not a police report was filed in connection to the alleged threats.

“My client was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about Donald Trump…She’s going to be able to provide very specific details about what happened here.”

Avenatti did claim that Stormy will be able to cite “very specific details” in her upcoming 60 Minutes interview. It is unclear whether or not Stormy Daniels is being protected by additional security detail in the aftermath of her father’s warning and her attorney’s claims that she’s been threatened.