Gwen Stefani Rumored To Have Been ‘Dumped’ By Blake Shelton Report Untrue, Stefani’s Rep Tells ‘Gossip Cop’

Charley Gallay Getty Images for People's Choice Awards

A rumor was reported on Thursday that Gwen Stefani was “dumped” by Blake Shelton. A rep for Stefani responded to the report, telling Gossip Cop it’s untrue.

In Touch magazine printed a story claiming that Blake Shelton split up with Gwen Stefani because he felt suffocated by her “neediness” and “jealousy.” The magazine’s source alleged that he stopped communicating with her on a consistent basis and was fed up with the drama surrounding their relationship. Stefani was said to be “demanding” as well as having the baggage of a “critical ex-husband.” Her jealousy of Shelton and other women was supposedly a real issue, especially when it came to The Voice winner, Chloe Kohanski, whom Blake was rumored to have gotten closer to.

The source went on to say that Blake was at a breaking point trying to make Gwen trust him. The No Doubt singer told him she didn’t want to spend her life “in fear of her famous partner cheating on her.”

In Touch‘s insider went on to say that the pair had their “nastiest argument ever” when Shelton told Stefani he was going to continue the “latter part” of the month-long “Country Freaks Tour” without her. She was caught by surprise since she was accustomed to joining him on tour, the source maintained. In the heat of the moment, Blake “took off without saying goodbye,” in the source’s words.

The report added that Miranda Lambert reached out to Blake Shelton via text after the alleged break up he had with Gwen Stefani. The source said Blake and his ex have “become close friend and allies over the past month or so,” talking more and sharing the private details of their lives.

Gossip Cop refers to In Touch‘s article as “one giant lie.” It writes that “Stefani’s rep told us on the record that the made-up scenario about her being ‘dumped’ is 100 percent ‘untrue.'”

The surveillance website touched on numerous false reports that the magazine has made in the past about the famous couple. Gwen Stefani has been posting photos of her with Blake Shelton and captioning sweet messages about him on social media. It doesn’t appear whatsoever that she’s been spontaneously “dumped” by her man.

If fans were worried the two parted ways, just know it’s another fabricated story. Most break up reports about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are exposed as untrue.