Honda Unveils The Mean Mower 2, Its Contender To Become The World's Fastest Lawnmower

Honda is well known for pushing the envelope when it comes to producing the fastest vehicles in the world. Recently, the Tokyo-based automotive manufacturer unveiled a brand new vehicle that aims to break a specific speed record. However, instead of presenting a newly developed supercar or a high-tech new superbike, the company unveiled an insanely powerful new lawnmower called the Mean Mower 2.

As reported by Jalopnik, the Mean Mower 2 is the successor to the original Honda Mean Mower, the previous record holder for the world's fastest lawnmower. The record was stolen from Honda by a Norwegian company that unleashed a heavily-modified V8-powered Viking T6 in November 2015. Now, the company apparently wants to take that title back with the Mean Mower 2, which is set to beat the current 133.57 mph record set by the Norwegians.

To achieve that goal, Honda has fitted the Mean Mower 2 with a 1.0-liter engine straight out of its Honda CBR1000R superbike. The engine produces a whopping 190 hp at 13,000 rpm, which should be capable of sub-3.0 second 0-60 mph times. The new grass-cutting monster produces almost twice the power of its predecessor, which only managed to churn out around 107 hp. The CBR1000R superbike engine is mated to a six-speed quick shifter that is equipped with automatic rev-matching technology.

Unlike most lawnmowers, the Mean Mower 2 has its engine up front to prevent it from pulling a wheelie during hard acceleration. The vehicle is also equipped with four-pot brakes up front and six-pot brakes at the back. As for its grass-cutting abilities, Honda boasted that it will be able to cut grass at speeds of over 100 mph, partly thanks to its new carbon-fiber blades and newly designed grass catcher. This feat wasn't actually possible on the original Honda Mean Mower.

Honda hasn't yet announced when they will be doing their record-attempt, but they have revealed that the new Mean Mower 2 will be driven by the stunt driver and British karting champion, Jess Hawkins. According to a report from Car Advice, Honda apparently wants to reach at least 134 mph with its new lawnmower.