Was A Gun-Themed Fashion Show Overly Offensive?

Was the gun-themed fashion show that was presented this week in Milan overly offensive?

According to Today, German designer Phillip Plein caused a lot of controversy when he sent gun-wielding models down the runway during his Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion show during Milan Menswear Fashion Week on Monday.

The models that strutted down the catwalk were hardcore, tattooed guys that carried automatic weapons and wore gas masks.

Some of the models were even body-painted with slogans such as “ONLY KILL FOR REAL LOVE” and “LIFE’S A GAME AND IT’S NOT FAIR.”

In light of the recent gun-related tragedies, such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and Dark Knight massacre in Aurora, a lot of people have found Plein’s fashion show unwanted and in bad taste.

New York Magazine reporter Hilary Moss wrote:

“Fashion proved (once again) how painfully out of touch it can be with the rest of the world. If it were anyone other than Plein, we’d applaud him or her for trying to, uh, start a conversation about gun control.”

The Huffington Post even stated that they “We’re a little flabbergasted by [Plein’s] latest shtick.”

Model Walks Down The Runway With Two Guns

Plein is kind of used to this type of criticism though.

In the past, Plein opened one of his fashion shows with a transgender model named Lea T. He also has featured identical looking makes making out in one of his print campaigns.

Even after all of his past stunts though, is Plein’s most recent gun-themed fashion show overly offensive?