‘RHOBH’ Erika Girardi Continues To Throw Shade At Teddi Jo Mellencamp Even With Cameras Rolling

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

It was all about the clash between Erika Girardi and Teddi Jo Mellencamp in the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it was something that fans didn’t see coming. Tensions flared between the two during a tense night out when Mellencamp accused Girardi of pretending to have amnesia when it came to her views about Dorit Kemsley’s comments on Lisa Vanderpump during their recent trip to New York.

Luckily for fans, Bravo’s cameras don’t lie, and they have caught all of Girardi’s words this season, whether she remembers them or not.

The Daily Dish is reporting that Girardi got angry with Mellencamp because she felt that she was accusing her of lying, and her stern words put Mellencamp in tears.

As soon as Girardi snapped, cameras cut back to the moment in question, and it turns out Mellencamp was right.

But that hasn’t stopped Girardi from continuing to throw shade at Mellencamp.

Once the episode aired, Mellencamp wrote in her Bravo TV blog post that Girardi’s unnecessary anger shocked her, but even if she doesn’t like someone she still treats them with respect.

“I just feel like she’s just been waiting for the moment since we first met. She snapped at me in Vegas, she snapped at me at the beach house, she even corrected me when I called her a singer— something we’ve seen others call her to no effect. Is she done being nice to me? I must have missed when she started,” wrote Mellencamp.

She went on to write that it is not in her nature to fight back with someone who seems unhinged over a small thing. Instead, she disengages. But, if Girardi doesn’t remember, then why is she so upset?

Mellencamp then explained why she left in tears. She said she is a woman with emotions and it’s a natural thing to cry.

Obviously, Girardi read the blog, and she had a shady response. She tweeted, “Pure comedy,” and attached a link to Mellencamp’s post.

In addition to her brewing feud with Mellencamp, Girardi also has other things going on in her life, including becoming an author. In her new book Pretty Mess, she details her struggles and incredible rise to fame and explains that she had to work hard for everything she has.

Girardi made her way to Los Angeles and worked as a cocktail waitress before meeting her husband, famed attorney Tom Girardi. But after they wed, she found that she lost herself in his world and put her dreams of being an entertainer on hold.

Eventually, Girardi realized that she didn’t feel fulfilled and she “wanted to create again,” so at the age of 35 she took a shot at her dreams with the stage and screen character, Erika Jayne.

As for Mellencamp, she is dealing with avid Housewives fan Meghan McCain calling her “boring” in a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance.

Mellencamp responded that she would never comment on how McCain does her job because it isn’t her place. And, she is all about empowering other women to be the best they can be.

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