Woman Develops Blood Clots, Suffers Stroke After Using Phone For 20 Straight Hours While Traveling

A woman in China developed multiple blood clots that resulted in stroke after she was glued to her phone for 20 hours while on a long-distance journey by train. This should serve as another reminder to limit the use of mobile phones while in a moving vehicle.

Local media reported on Tuesday that the woman, who took the train from Henan Province and traveled to Guangzhou, had to be sent for an emergency operation after she suffered a stroke after a 20-hour journey. Once she got off the train, she reportedly had difficulty with her speech and movement of the limbs on one side of her body, the Telegraph reported, citing China-based video site kankannews.com.

Associate chief physician of Guangzhou's The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University Dr. Meng Heng said that the woman could've died if she was not operated on immediately. Meng described that the woman maintained the same position for a long time. She wasn't able to move around and she held a posture in which her head was slanting to the right. This increased the pressure in her vessels.

"She did not move around, but instead watched the mobile phone with her head slanting to the right, so we concluded that she has maintained the same posture for too long, which has pressured her vessels."
The woman was brought to the hospital where doctors confirmed she had a stroke. The medical team performed a surgery to remove multiple blood clots from her brain. Many of them measured almost 2 centimeters, according to a report from the Straits Times. Furthermore, doctors said that the number of blood clots the woman had was twice as many than that of an average patient.

The woman had to go through three hours of surgery to remove multiple blood clots

Doctors have already warned people not to maintain a single position for long periods of time when using mobile phones. This could be one of the reasons why doctors have seen an increased number of cases of blood clots among younger people.

As for the patient, she didn't expect for the medical incident to happen because she has always felt great. She didn't have any known medical issues, which is why the stroke from using a mobile phone for too long came as a big surprise.

After three grueling hours of surgery, doctors managed to save the woman's life. Reportedly, the woman was seen relaxing on the hospital bed as she was recovering from her operation. While doing so, she was reportedly staring at her mobile phone.