Cream Puff Day: How To Get Cream Puffs, Recipes And History [Videos, Photos]

It's national Cream Puff day! What's that you say? You didn't know there was a national day to celebrate the delectable scrumptiousness that is the cream puff? That's okay. Most people don't know, but once they discover that others are celebrating this appetizing, mouth watering treat, they suddenly develop an irresistible craving for the creamy goodness. If you're looking for free cream puffs on national cream puff day, you may be in for a disappointment. Retailers like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts focus more on giving away free doughnuts rather than pastries like éclairs or cream puffs; but some local restaurants that specialize in the French pasty also known as "profiterole" or choux à la crème or bakeries may offer a deal on cream puffs or even have some for free so it's worth the check. If you can't find free cream puffs or Cream Puff day deals, don't worry. These delicious treats are easy to whip up and there are plenty of recipes from easy to expert that will have you making your own cream puffs in time for dessert.

Those who want to make their own cream puffs for Cream Puff day won't need many ingredients. Even making a chocolate sauce to drizzle over your puffed pastries is simple. Ingredients you'll need to have on hand include flour, butter, water, sugar, chocolate, milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract, eggs, and salt. Many recipes will have slight variations on ingredients for the cream filling. Some may use whipping cream, additional amounts of milk or even instant pudding. Others may dust the finished cream puffs with confectioners' sugar and omit the chocolate sauce. As you can see, you don't need anything high-price, fancy or expensive to whip up these treats. Here is a wonderful recipe from Good Dinner Mom that will have you making your own cream puffs in no time at all. Of course, if you don't want to bake your own cream puffs, you can always stop by your local bakery or supermarket and pick them up pre made as a way to celebrate national Cream Puff day.

The cream puff's history is lengthy and surprisingly, the pastry dates back to France and the 17th century. The earliest known record of cream puffs is the French Potage de profiteolles that was described as dried pieces of small bread. These were served in soup, but over time became associated with pastry. Soon, profiteroles would be seen in England then in America were they eventually became known as the cream puffs seen today. In 1851, the Revere House restaurant served cream puffs, along with baked Indian puddings, rhubarb, apple and squash pies, meringues and macaroons.

If you want to try an easier recipe for cream puffs on national Cream Puff day, check out the following from King's Hawaiian that substitutes rolls for the baked pastry dough. This is really simple, but some cream puffs aficionados may not find the substitution up to their taste.

Which cream puff recipe do you prefer? Are you going to enjoy cream puffs for national Cream Puff day?

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