Grandparents Allegedly Abused Their 1-Year-Old Granddaughter Sexually, Took Pictures Of Her Privates


Two grandparents allegedly molested their granddaughter when she was just a 1-year-old baby. The alleged abuse was said to have gone on for another year. The girl is now 3-years-old. The two Dallas grandparents, Douglass Wright, 71, and Julia Wright, 70, were both charged with sexual performance—a first-degree felony.

The baby’s maternal grandparents, Ron and Gladys Jahn, were awarded custody of the child after her parents had their rights rescinded. Fox 4 News is reporting that the infant’s paternal grandparents, Douglass and Julia Wright, were also allowed unsupervised access to the baby girl.

Ron and Gladys revealed that they became concerned over the baby’s welfare when she would return to them with bug bites, scrapes, and marks on her cheeks. The maternal grandparents notified authorities about their concerns but got little reaction from the court system.

In October, the full extent of the alleged abuse came to the fore when the Jahns took the child to the hospital, complaining that the little girl was in terrible pain. She had recently spent time with the Wrights. When doctors examined her, they reported their findings of purported sexual abuse to the authorities.

The little girl’s pre-school director had also voiced concerns to child protective services after the little girl allegedly told her that Grandpa Doug took pictures of her privates.

An arrest affidavit says a CPS caseworker sent to the house, out of the corner of her eye, caught a nude photo of the child on a home computer that Grandpa Doug hurriedly closed. After police obtained a search warrant to rummage around the house, they found 547 nude images of their granddaughter on their home computers.

The Wrights did not deny having the nude pictures. Rather bizarrely, they claimed that their attorney instructed them to take the pictures as a defense against the persistent claims of abuse hurled at them.

The Jahns, who had been raising concerns about the welfare of their granddaughter for two years, are infuriated that nothing was done sooner. Presently, the Wrights are out on bail, but they have been ordered not to have any contact with children.

The Wrights are not the first grandparents to be accused of sexually molesting a grandchild. People is reporting that a 61-year-old Iowa man sexually assaulted his 6-year-old granddaughter “over and over” again. Amazingly, Dean Hilpipre was handed probation instead of prison time.

In the same vein, a 72-year-old grandfather molested his 6-year-old granddaughter and exposed himself to his grandson after he was left to babysit the kids when the parents were caught in a three-day snow storm and could not return back home.

According to court documents made available to Daily Local, the grandfather exposed and pleasured himself in front of his granddaughter before coercing her to perform oral sex. He also groped his grandson and asked the young boy to watch as he pleasured himself.

The atrocious act was captured on video surveillance cameras installed in the home. The grandfather was handed a 16- to 44-year prison sentence. In a courtroom outburst, the father of the victims said he would kill his father-in-law if he was ever released.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Edwina Louis was sentenced to four successive life terms without the possibility of parole for the rape and torture of her own grandchildren. The 53-year-old woman, who never showed a tinge of remorse in the courtroom, tied up her three granddaughters and one grandson for weeks, releasing them only to use the bathroom and attend online classes.

Their biological mother, Bobbi Sue Pack, and boyfriend Juan Sanchez got 10 years to life and 25 years to life respectively.