Roman Reigns, John Cena, And Brock Lesnar Named In Jon Bravo Steroid Documentary

In an interesting turn of events, the steroid documentary that filmmaker Jon Bravo promised for Friday night named many WWE superstar names, but failed to provide any evidence against the biggest name he mentioned leading up to the release of the video: Roman Reigns. On Friday night, Bravo released a 21-minute documentary film titled The Evidence of WFN & The Story Behind the Distribution. In the film, Bravo conducted an interview over the phone with convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez concerning his clients, and the two namedropped a bunch of huge names, including John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

The Jon Bravo WWE Steroid Evidence

The biggest problem with watching the Jon Bravo documentary is that the "evidence" was not as damaging as the filmmaker led people to believe heading into its release. In an Instagram post from two days ago, Bravo said that the video would let "everyone see how real this really is."

The problem is that the entire video showed Bravo talking on the phone to Richard Rodriguez and asking him questions while placing strategic shots of photos of wrestlers and other celebrities that Bravo and Rodriguez claim were clients. Also included were copies of emails and text messages between Rodriguez and his clients.

The list of names of WWE superstars was lengthy, with the Ultimate Warrior, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin (spelled Austyn in the video on more than one occasion), Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar all mentioned.

Jon Bravo has finally released his documentary about WWE steroid distribution.

Humorously, there was also someone who reportedly ordered thousands of dollars worth of steroids for WWE superstars and used the name Jesse Ventura. In a funny moment in the documentary, Jon Bravo said that Ventura never bought anything from Rodriguez.

The person who used his name to cover up their own was allegedly Jessie Burdick, and the documentary shows photos of him with John Cena and Bobby Lashley. According to reports, Burdick spent over $40,000 on steroids.

When it came to names that Jon Bravo said he has conclusive evidence did purchase steroids, he mentioned Rick Bassman, who trained the Ultimate Warrior and John Cena.

He also said that Bill Grant, a bodybuilder, set him up with Brock Lesnar, who he said was a client as well. Next was Tony Morris, who inspired the movie, Magic Mike, and allegedly provided steroids to Channing Tatum. Emails exist that implicate Morris.

There was also alleged evidence that Luther Reigns and Daniel Puder bought or sold steroids for Richard Rodriguez. There was also alleged evidence that Chris Bell was a go-between for steroid sales from Rodriguez to WWE superstars.

The evidence that Jon Bravo provides in the documentary is emails and text messages that he claims he confirmed to prove they belonged to the alleged customers. However, the only way to believe this proof is to believe Bravo's word that he confirmed all the evidence.

Jon Bravo has finally released his documentary about WWE steroid distribution.

The Lack Of Roman Reigns Evidence

The only person that Jon Bravo originally targeted that he actually showed some evidence of was Josh Duhamel, through text messages that he said he confirmed the phone number to prove. The other two names -- Mark Wahlberg and Roman Reigns -- had no evidence at all against them.

According to Bravo in the feature, Mark Wahlberg ordered his steroids through a doctor and Roman Reigns used a fake name, like many other clients allegedly did. Bravo then said that the evidence against Wahlberg and Roman is there, but is still on the computers and phones that the courts have not released yet.

The documentary ends with Jon Bravo saying that he will present the evidence against Roman Reigns when he has proof that is 100 percent accurate, and he has a timeline for when he will have that evidence. At the end of the day, it means that Roman Reigns' WWE fans will just have to wait for Bravo to finally get the evidence he claims will implicate the WWE superstar.