Cam Newton To Earn College Degree During Offseason

Cam Newton may have a multi-year deal with the Caroline Panthers, millions of dollars pouring in from companies like Under Armour and Gatorade and a Heisman Trophy sitting on his shelf but the NFL quarterback is still trying to earn his college degree.

Newton returned to Auburn this semester in order to take some courses toward his sociology degree.

It’s unclear how many more credits Newton needs to earn his degree but The Charlotte Observer reports that the NFL quarterback started his college career in 2007 at the University of Florida. Newton transferred to Blinn College in Texas in 2009 and then landed at Auburn for two semesters in 2010.

Newton was then drafted into the NFL and is a few credits short of his college degree.

Associate athletic director for communication Kirk Sampson told Dr. Saturday that Newton didn’t want to do an interview about his return to college.

Sampson said that Newton is trying to “focus on school” and being “a normal student.”

Of course, being a “normal student” may be a little hard for Cam Newton. Since returning to school Auburn students have been snapping photos and talking about the NFL quarterback on Twitter.

Another of Cam the Man @warblogle…

— Samantha Link (@Samantha_E_Link) January 15, 2013

Are you surprised that Cam Newton is still working toward his degree?