WWE News: Roman Reigns Finally Responds To Steroid Ring Allegations

Roman Reigns has heard his name pop up in the worst possible way as he heads into WrestleMania 34 to wrestle Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. While Reigns has grown used to hearing wrestling fans jeering him, both live at events and on social media, the recent problems surfacing surround something that could cost Reigns a lot more than just his pride.

Documentary filmmaker Jon Bravo has targeted Roman Reigns and "15 other" former and present WWE superstars as alleged customers of convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez. While appearing on a podcast with Sam Roberts, Reigns finally responded to the steroid allegations, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

Roman Reigns Response To Jon Bravo

The Jon Bravo allegations took a strange turn recently. While he was adamant that Roman Reigns was a customer of Richard Rodriguez and allegedly purchased steroids from the man, the evidence has not been released yet. Bravo did release some info on former WWE superstar Luther Reigns, making some wonder if he was confused.

Roman Reigns still insists that he is not only innocent of all the allegations, but that he has no idea who Richard Rodriguez is. In the podcast, Reigns says that when he isn't wrestling, he is at home with his family, changing diapers and "doing dad stuff" when this information starts popping up.

When it comes to why Jon Bravo specifically targeted him out of the alleged 15 WWE superstars, Roman Reigns said he has no idea. Roman asked "what did I do?," and said that is just how the world is now with social media and the internet.

Finally, when talking about the actual steroid allegations, Roman Reigns said, "I know me, I know what I have done, and I know what the truth is." He also said that he has a bulletproof mentality and is letting the allegations ricochet off him.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Finally Responds To Steroid Ring Allegations

The Latest Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations

Despite the confusion when Jon Bravo released evidence about Luther Reigns, the filmmaker said he knew the two were different people and he wanted to make sure everything was in order before he released the information about Roman Reigns.

As a matter of fact, Ringside News reports that Bravo said that he will release all the proof against Roman Reigns tonight. He said the video is 25 minutes long and "everyone will see how real this really is."