UFC President Dana White Undergoes Surgery For Meniere’s Disease

UFC president Dana White underwent surgery for Meniere’s disease Tuesday. Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder that affects hearing and balance.

White has been battling Meniere’s disease off and on since 2011. In May 2012, he was unable to attend UFC on Fuel TV 3: “Korean Zombie vs. Poirier,” marking the first time in 11 years that White was not cageside at a UFC event.

White gave USA Today Sports a brief rundown of what the surgery would entail Monday. White said:

“They’re going to cut my ear off. My left ear, they’re going to cut it off so they can get inside. They’re going to insert a tube, and this surgery is pretty new — within the last year, I think, this surgery has come out. They have to get inside there to insert a tube, so they have to go in there and go through the hole. They insert a tube, and then they reattach the ear.”

White said that, before the surgery came out, the options were medicine and cutting the nerve. Medicine gave a 50/50 chance of an attack, and cutting the nerve gave about a 95 percent chance.

“Nothing is 100 percent for this thing,” White said. Having his ear cut off and reattached has about 70 chance of no longer having attacks.

Ahead of the surgery, White tweeted, “Taking off to LA for the surgery right now. I have it at 830am, PUMPED!!! Thank u all so much for the well wishes. Much appreciated.” He also tweeted a picture of himself before the surgery. Once it was completed, he tweeted, “It’s over!!! In recovery now :) thanks all the support.” He also posted a brief video of himself after the surgery.

White will be returning to the hospital Wednesday for a follow-up exam, and it is uncertain whether he’ll make it to Brazil for UFC on FX 7: Belfort vs. Bisping this weekend.

We wish Dana White a speedy recovery.