Latest Pew Study Finds Americans Are Confident In Mueller’s Investigation

J. Scott ApplewhiteAP Images

American lawyer and civil servant, Robert Mueller, is head of the Special Counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S elections. A recent study published by the Pew Research Center on Thursday, the survey calculated that 61 percent of Americans are confident in Mueller’s investigation into the Russian meddling.

This recent Pew study is examining the state of the public opinion on the investigation. According to the independent think tank, the latest findings indicate there is confidence by the American public in Mueller conducting a fair investigation into the Russian probe.

Republicans and Democrats are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (46 percent) are very or somewhat confident Mueller will conduct a fair probe. Democrats and Democratic leaners (75 percent), for the most part, are very or somewhat confident Mueller will do the right thing.

The think tank interviewed 1,466 adults in the study, which was conducted between Wednesday, March 7, through March 14. The analysis was also brought to light since the public is skeptical the Trump administration will make a serious effort in preventing any further interference from Russian on future elections.

“About four-in-ten Americans (42%) are very or somewhat confident that the administration will make a serious effort to thwart Russian efforts to influence future elections. Most are not too confident (19%) or not at all confident (36%) the Trump administration will take serious action to prevent Russia from influencing future elections in this country.”

Elsewhere, the public is split in opinions about the role Russia played in the 2016 presidential elections. One cohort (48 percent) said these meddling efforts did not benefit Trump nor Hillary. About 43 percent say it benefited Trump, and just 4 percent think Russian actions favored Clinton.

The study’s analysis takes into account Trump’s job approval rating. As stated in the survey, his job rating as commander-in-chief has changed little in recent months. Only 39 percent approve of the way Trump is handling the job as president while 54 percent disapprove.

In a separate but related study by the Monmouth University poll found 71 percent of respondents feel Trump should have to answer questions about his 2016 campaign’s involvement.

The investigation has a new development. The New York Times reported on March 15 that Mueller subpoenaed the Trump organization. The order demands records connected to President Trump’s businesses.

It will be interesting to see in a subsequent study if opinions are more or less the same. Finally, there is no date provided as to when the investigation will conclude.