Tiny Harris Fighting T.I. Over SXSW Party Plans Months After Calling Off Divorce, 'Hollywood Life' Claims

Tiny Harris is not happy with the supposed fact that her husband, T.I., is heading to Austin, Texas for the forthcoming SXSW festival without her, it has been alleged.

According to Hollywood Life, the Xscape singer has been busy rehearsing for the upcoming dates of the tour that she and her bandmates are scheduled to perform on. Due to her own hectic schedule, it has made it rather difficult for the couple to spend quality time together as of late.

A source tells the news outlet that whenever T.I. wants himself away from his wife, Tiny Harris insists that he flies out and sees her -- even if it's just for one night. She doesn't like spending too much time away from her husband, especially when their schedules are both so hectic.

In this case, and with the knowledge that T.I. will be headed to Austin, Texas, Tiny Harris feels a certain type of way since the rapper reportedly never even asked his wife whether she would be interested to join him.

For the "Whatever You Like" singer, who is well aware that Tiny Harris is rehearsing for her tour, it wouldn't make sense for him to have the 42-year-old accompany him, especially since he has mentioned that the flight out to SXSW is strictly for business.

Fans are wondering whether Tiny's frustration in not being asked to join T.I. on the trip comes from the couple's past issues concerning infidelity accusations.

At the end of 2016, Tiny Harris had filed for divorce from the "Live Your Life" hitmaker, insisting she had grown tired of dealing with cheating scandals and that she wanted to go her separate way, only to make it known six months later that she found it in herself to forgive T.I.

Now that it's almost been a year since the two reconciled, fans are under the impression that Tiny Harris may still find it hard to trust T.I., particularly because he's heading to an event that is known to be filled with beautiful women and models in every sight.

It's unclear whether Tiny Harris will end up following her man on his supposed business trip. The singer had yet to comment on claims that she's furious about not being invited.