Kristin Cavallari Says Fourth Pregnancy Is Unlikely, ‘I Can’t Imagine Having Another One’

Jeff SchearGetty Images

Kristin Cavallari and her NFL player husband, Jay Cutler, may be finished expanding their family. The 31-year-old Hills alum launched a 15-piece jewelry line, Uncommon James, in 2017 and is currently prepping for the release of the spring collection which is expected to launch on March 28. Kristin opened up to People magazine on the idea of having more children and revealed that she could not imagine having another baby.

“We’re done. We are done. I can’t imagine having another one.”

At the moment, the mom of three said that she feels like her family is complete and everything is great. Cavallari is mom to sons Jack, 5; Jaxon Wyatt, 3; and a 2-year-old daughter named Saylor James.

“We just feel like such a complete family — I got my girl. Everything is just so great with it right now, why rock the boat?”

Kristin joked about her daughter Saylor’s feisty personality. The former reality star said that Saylor takes after her, but all of the children are a good mix of both herself and her husband Jay.

“Saylor’s more me. She can be a little bossy.”

Kristin added that her daughter has a tomboyish side and that she “likes a good tutu here and there so she has that girliness in her but because she’s always with her brothers, she’s not afraid to get dirty, which I love.”

Currently, Kristin and Jay are residents of Nashville and are enjoying watching their little ones grow up. Jay and Kristin feel that while raising their kids, time has gone by fast.

“Everyone’s just growing up too fast.”

According to Cavallari, she and husband Jay are on the “same page” when it comes to placing the expansion of their family on an indefinite hiatus.

Kristin runs a fashion empire and has a new cookbook coming out next month called True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen With More Than 100 Recipes Free Of Gluten, Dairy, And Refined Sugar.

At the moment, Kristin Cavallari has decided to put reality TV appearances on hold, but she’s not opposed to her kids pursuing acting when they become adults, according to People magazine.

“I would make them wait until they’re 18 and then if they want to, they’re adults and can make their own decisions, but I would definitely say no until I could.”

Cavallari stepped into the spotlight during her junior year in high school when she starred on MTV’s Laguna Beach and the Hills. Kristin prefers that her children grow up and transition into high school without cameras capturing their every move.

“I just want them to be kids. I think having a camera in your face in high school — I wouldn’t change it, I’m really happy that was my experience — but it’s so hard being a teenager anyways that why have that added pressure? Do it when you’re 18.”

The Balancing In Heels author said that she has no problems filming on camera; however, as long as her children are young, they will remain off television.

“‘I can’t stop you but as long as you’re living in my house, you’re not going to have a camera in your face. I might, but you’re not.'”

Jay Cutler is home more often, which is great for Kristin when she needs help with the kids. Cavallari said he is “very hands-on. So it’s nice having him home.”